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  • AvalonEdit : how can change backcolor and tag in AvalonEdit by SyntaxHighlighting?

    I am developing an application and using ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit, I want to show piece of text text on it . The text is contain of some usual text , list test or code tag, a good sample if i want say the text is similar stack-overflow tags In continuous I will put an example, my problem is that how can...
    Posted to Forum by hesma_a110 on 10-29-2014
  • How do I add Keywords at runtime to main ruleset?

    Hi, I add a new Keywords object to the main rule set at run time. But except those keywords, other rules are colored properly. Can anyone explain why words loaded at runtime don't get highlighted? using (Stream stream = typeof(Window1).Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("testAvalonEdit.MyLang...
    Posted to Forum by cnayan on 04-23-2014
  • Modifying XSHD file

    Hi folks, Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your great work on SharpDevelop I've a problem with syntax highlighting in TextEditor (Not Avalon) I want to add extra nodes & attributes in the file so i can parse them and do some work but when i try to do that, The highlighting stops working...
    Posted to Forum by GHOST2010 on 05-14-2013
  • Need a small hint for custom .xshd :)

    So hi all :) First i have to say this is a great Control, saved me so much time! But currently i have a small problem with a custom xshd. I still use the ics.Texteditor, sadly i cant switch to Avalon :/ Hope you can still manage to help me in this one. Syntax that i have to highlight: [XYZ] <string>name...
    Posted to Forum by daboom on 11-05-2012
  • XSHD manual

    Hi, I've tried to learn XSHD with examples from google dork (filetype:xshd) because I could not find any manual for XSHD. Is there a list of keywords or something like that available (apart from CodeProject article as it does not cover everything)? Cheers
    Posted to Forum by Episage on 04-29-2012
  • xshd files for ANSI colors

    I love the performance of AvalonEditor vs RichText in WPF, but I have run into a bit of a snag. I am writing a terminal that receives ANSI escape sequences for color, and I cannot figure out the best way to approach this in AE. My terminal only needs to support (most) of the Display Attributes for ANSI...
    Posted to Forum by tooslow on 09-30-2011
  • Avalon Edit: Highlighting Syntax questions

    Hi I wanted to use Highlighting on a phrase that includes spaces and newlines. This is what i have so far: <Span foreground="DarkGray" multiline="true"> <Begin>DATAMAP NOTE</Begin> <End>completed.</End> </Span> However the issue i'm having is...
    Posted to Forum by meander on 09-19-2011
  • AvalonEdit: Is there a SQL or T-SQL xshd?

    I’m about to create an xshd file for SQL or T-SQL, and was wondering if someone already did this? I don’t want to waste my time if it already exists. Thanks
    Posted to Forum by ejstembler on 11-22-2010
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