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  • Dark Theme in portable mode

    Hi, I have installed Sharp Develop Version After That i have made it Protable with the file SharpDevelop.exe.config with the switch: <add key="settingsPath" value="J:\PortableApps\SharpDevelopPortable\Data\AppSettings" /> on the internet I found some articles where...
    Posted to Forum by bit17 on 09-17-2015
  • Porting VS add-ons to SharpDevelop

    Are there any tutorials out there on how to port Visual Studio add-ons to SharpDevelop add-ons? Prefereably SD 5 add-ons. I want to port some common open source add-ons like editorConfig, web-workbench, slow cheetah, etc.. over to SharpDevelop and this would be incredably helpful.
    Posted to Forum by rhessinger on 05-06-2014
  • My first project with MV3 using SD, some bugs and suggestions.

    This is my first post so please go easy. I am a regular user of VS and have been using it since 2005. Right now I have 2013 installed. I have always wanted a lightweight IDE for my hobby projects at home since at work VS is provided for free. SD is perfect for that. Today I decided to run through a tutorial...
    Posted to Forum by Muhammad on 03-23-2014
  • Splash Screen Form

    I have been searching for a way to "copy" the Visual Studio version of the VB Windows Application "Splash Screen" template. I prefer using SharpDevelop and am in need of the Splash Screen functionality. Is there a way to convert Visual Studio form templates to be usable in SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by marcwebdude on 01-09-2014
  • Windows SDK for Windows 8 & IntelliSense

    I'm just curious... according to the release notes of the Windows SDK for Windows 8 (see ), IntelliSense, or more specifically the XML files for the .NET reference assemblies, are no longer part of the SDK. Now, does this mean that IntelliSense...
    Posted to Forum by FSchneidereit on 08-19-2012
  • Can I work with the windows project created with VS2008 Express edition using SharpDevelop

    Hello, I have a windows application developed in VS 2008 Express edition (C#). I would like to use SharpDevelop to work with it further instead of buying VS. Is that feasible ? What kind of problem should I anticipate ? If I wish to convert it into WPF app, would that be possible ? Kindly revert back...
    Posted to Forum by nalinirrajan on 09-15-2011
  • Multi Threaded Debugging

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 2.0.50727.4952 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7600.0 Current culture : English (United Kingdom) (en-GB) Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: AMD64 I was trying out SharpDevelop and mainly was looking at the debugging features. Debugging...
    Posted to Forum by devcol on 02-25-2011
  • Finding overloads of method using parser in Visual Studio

    Hi, I am trying to write an addin to VS2008. The addin will give a second list of autocomplete. What i would like to achive, while user edits method: public void Method() { Foo( /*caret here*/ } To get all the overloads of the method Foo. I tried using the Parser and NRefactoryResolver with no luck so...
    Posted to Forum by Elisha on 09-03-2009
  • Re-Order Controls (Document Outline)

    Hi, this is my first post :-) I was wondering whether it is possible to re-order controls in SharpDevelop. For example, in Visual Studio the Document Outline feature allowed you to drag-and-drop controls in the order you want them added. And I beleive this changed the order in which the code for controls...
    Posted to Forum by BMN on 05-27-2009
  • Visual Studio -> #Develop

    I have been using Visual Studio 2002 for awhile with VB.NET, I also learned VB.NET using a book that was based in using Visual Studio of an IDE. My question is why this code works in Visual Studio but not #Develop. Visual Studio: " Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e...
    Posted to Forum by Thewhitelynx on 04-27-2009
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