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  • Installation on Windows 8.1

    Dear Members, Thank you for the membership and by reading about the SharpDevelop achievements, I am looking forward to contribute as well as involving some close collaborators. We are choosing C# , not all among us as 100% developers! 1-) I would be grateful if you could indicate me which version to...
    Posted to Forum by t2p2z on 03-10-2014
  • Error updating zip generated by Ant

    I am doing some post-processing on zip files generated by an Ant project to add a couple of files. I'm using essentially the same code as shown in the Updating a Zip example . When the BeginUpdate method is called on one of these files I immediately get the following error: System.ArgumentException...
    Posted to Forum by Nathan Stohlmann on 09-05-2012
  • What files or source code should be deleted when updating an application icon?

    I have a windows C# application to which I have added an icon which appears to have correctly embedded itself (this was my first attempt). However, I decided to tweak the icon a bit. I noticed that my changes did not go through as expected. I created a completely new, completely different icon. My results...
    Posted to Forum by stadamin on 12-08-2010
  • Cannot access repositories

    Hi, I am behind a proxy server that does not allow any Subversion traffic. I think one way to circumvent this is to use http/https. I tried using it but it doesnt seem to work. Does #D SVN server allow access over http? It would be great if someone could help me out ASAP. Thanks a lot!
    Posted to Forum by nikhilsarda on 04-07-2009
  • SVN Full of OBJs, EXEs, and DLLs?

    High guys, can someone please explain to me why the SVN is full of compiled stuff and not just sources? This is making things annoying if you only want to update the sources. For high bandwidth people this will not be a problem... Dial-ups is well... uh... well it is another story...
    Posted to Forum by joubertdj on 01-18-2007
  • Will installation of .NET Framework v2.0 overwrite v1.1?

    I would like to install SharpDevelop 2.0, which requires the .NET Framework v 2.0. However, I already have Visual Studio 2003 installed on my PC, with .NET 1.1. If someone would be kind enough to answer, my questions are: 1. If I install .NET Framework 2.0, will it overwrite v 1.1? 2. If so, will this...
    Posted to Forum by francis_urquhart on 08-23-2006
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