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  • How do I add Keywords at runtime to main ruleset?

    Hi, I add a new Keywords object to the main rule set at run time. But except those keywords, other rules are colored properly. Can anyone explain why words loaded at runtime don't get highlighted? using (Stream stream = typeof(Window1).Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("testAvalonEdit.MyLang...
    Posted to Forum by cnayan on 04-23-2014
  • how do i change syntax?

    i am using ICSharpCode.TextEditor. i want to be able to choose a language in the text editor, and the syntax change to it, so like when i click javascript in languages, it changes the syntax to javascript. please help :(
    Posted to Forum by standorfall on 02-21-2014
  • AvalonEdit.. cant add my own SyntaxHighlighter? (4 question on AvalonEdit inside)

    Hi, i am trying to start small: adding a batch "language" SyntaxHighlighter i am doing this inside Windows Forms Application using the ElementHost control to host my AvalonEdit WPF Control this is my code so far (Form1 'Code'): my SyntaxHightlight for the...
    Posted to Forum by dinbrca on 09-07-2010
  • AvalonEdit.TextView.Redraw: bug?

    Hi, I have faced a problem that seems to be a bug in AvalonEdit implementation. I would like to share it with you and hopefully get fix or advice if I am doing something wrong. I have an event handler that reacts to caret position changing and together with other flags triggers extra line parsing. As...
    Posted to Forum by pavele on 06-29-2010
  • AvalonEdit: TextPosition style information

    Hi, This may be the wrong place to post and ask this (sorry), but is there a way to determine the class of a TextPosition? By this, I mean a way of determine if line 7, column 22 is quoted or a comment? The reason I ask is I'm trying to do a RegEx that finds some given tokens, but I want to ultimately...
    Posted to Forum by s0upyd on 12-04-2009
  • Negative integer highlighting?

    Hi again! Negative numbers does not seem to be highlighted in the TextEditor. Is there some special syntax for this in the XSHD-file to get that to work? Thanks in advance. BTW - is there some place to post my LISP.xshd file to contribute back to this community?
    Posted to Forum by objarni on 09-17-2009
  • optional parameters in Begin rule

    Hi, I'm kinda new to your TextEditor component. I had prepared an xshd file based on xml. It has one rule, where it switches to jscript. Rule is given below. I use JscriptBlock to switch, but this tag has an optional "Name" parameter where one can name the script. I could not find how to...
    Posted to Forum by edokan on 08-28-2009
  • TextEditor Highlighting

    Hi there, I want to use your TextEditor Control in my own application. I want to create syntax-highlighting for a new language. Is there any documentation on how to create these xml-files? Furthermore it would be greta to know how to set Folding Points. Thanks you for every answer. regards, Paul
    Posted to Forum by ThePaul on 06-27-2007
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