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  • Find, Find Next and Replace functionality

    Hi. I am new to SharpDevelop and would like to know the best way to achieve find and replace functionality in the TextAreaControl? I've looked at the source and that there is a SearchAndReplace namespace, but when I try to use the SearchAndReplaceDialog I end up with a circular control reference...
    Posted to Forum by Mgmaster24 on 09-13-2017
  • AvalonEdit - Support For Multiple TextView Paned Application

    Most Every Newer Features Being Added Are Being Added For A Single Instance Of A WPF View. It Would Be A Nice Feature / Add-On If Instead A List / Array Of Items Could Be Passed Into the Parameter(s). Case In Point, I Have An Application I Am Refactoring, And The Refactor Calls For The Ability To Split...
    Posted to Forum by MKrug on 05-01-2017
  • search and replace (possible) bug

    Search and replace dialog sometimes returns " Search string not found!" when the searched document is in a floating window and not anchored in document pane.
    Posted to Forum by siroman on 05-07-2012
  • Search results highlighting bug

    The problem: HighLighting bug As you can see from the picture, only the first two lines have syntax highlighting, while the other ones are black. 1. I put mouse cursor on the creation of occurence of class DirectSQLScope and pressed F12. 2. Version SharpDevelop 4 build 6361 3. Windows XP 32 bit
    Posted to Forum by PovilasP on 10-05-2010
  • Search results per file (serach list mode)

    Hello :) I have tried to search requesting of returning this feature, but failed. The ability to see search results per file is very important for work efficiency. For example we are searching for class MySuperTurboCashe tests. We know, that we only need to check files' names which has the word "Test"...
    Posted to Forum by PovilasP on 09-20-2010
  • Search and Replace using Wildcards

    How do I search for phrase, say "Array(i).String", using wildcards so that I may replace all the "Array(?).String" parts to, say "NewArray(?).Int", without changing the "?" parts?
    Posted to Forum by Bullitt on 06-08-2009
  • Nrefactory: Incorrect Value obtained for type in TypeDeclaration when Alias are used

    Hi, I'm writing an application that analyses code written in .Net and using NRefactory parser for the same. When I ran the NRefactory demo project with a sample code that used alias, I noticed that the type / system type returned was incorrect(The type was marked with the same name as alias and din't...
    Posted to Forum by Madan on 01-06-2009
  • Making word search with ICSharpCode.TextEditor.TextEditorControl

    Hey, First of all, I congratulate the development team who works under ICSharpCode.TextEditor because it is a very usefull library that I use in my project. Now, I need to be able to load a file in a TextEditorControl and compute a search on it. I want to be able to keybord a word and then highlight...
    Posted to Forum by Rakoun on 12-18-2007
  • Searching Nuances

    I find a couple of things somewhat cludgy in #D and am wondering if there is a way to get around these issues somehow. 1. Reverse Search - it doesn't exist. It exists for the Incremental Search function, but not normally. 2. Incremental Search wrap-around - meaning when you reach the bottom of a...
    Posted to Forum by AAroraOnyx on 09-22-2006
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