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  • SharpZipLib & ClickOnce

    I have read about the same problem (bug) in more forums all around the world. This posting from 2007 describes the problem clearly and detailed, I have the totaly same problem: Nobody has answered the...
    Posted to Forum by Peter Vargay on 02-20-2013
  • Problem viewing SharpZipLib_0855.chm help file

    It's a magic file: all Index, Content and Search tabs show sensible information, NO LINK leads to a contents of the supposed page. Cannot use Help. Anybody has any idea how to fix that? Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Forum by BMG on 02-19-2009
  • Is there any method to zip files whith larger size?

    Hi everybody. I'm new to ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib and I added the .dll file into my project; wrote a function (in VB2005) to make my files compressed, and successfully made a zip file with small files. but when the size of the files grow up (my files are toooo large, one about 200MB and one about...
    Posted to Forum by LeoForce on 02-09-2009
  • ZipException - "End of extra data"

    I'm using SharpZipLib version 0.85.5 to unzip files. My code has been working nicely for a couple of months until I found a ZIP file that it doesn't like. ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipException: End of extra data at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipExtraData.ReadCheck(Int32 length) in C:\C#\SharpZLib...
    Posted to Forum by Terrapin on 09-30-2008
  • TypeLoadException when using FastZip ExtractZip (Compact Framework)

    Hello, I have a c# project for Windows CE Device (Treo phones) Compact Framework 2.0. I tried both 085.4 and 085.5.437 dlls and I still get the TypeLoadException on the line. I use the following line: using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip; new FastZip().ExtractZip(zipname, "\\", String.Empty);...
    Posted to Forum by pentium10 on 07-30-2008
  • #ZipLib seems to fail on extracting files from a zip that are close to or exactly 4GB in size.

    Hello there, This may or may not be reported yet but I was unable to find it, if it was. I don't know if this is the real cause of it, but with several files that I have repeatedly tried to call FastZip to extract, when the files are around 4,000,000,000 bytes ziplib seems to just extract a file...
    Posted to Forum by elsdon on 07-23-2008
  • How to Password Protect

    I am using the ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib library and everything is working great except that I do not know how to set a password for a file. The object (fz) doesnt have a password option hanging off of it. It seems to have everything else, but no password. Below is the code that I am using: Directive:...
    Posted to Forum by mcooper6 on 07-10-2008
  • Again fullpath folders

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english at first. So, lets see to my problem. When Iam try to create zip - all folders/subfolders added with fullpath. For example if I want to add folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MSSoap\Binaries\Resources\1049" It's OK. But in zip file i've got same...
    Posted to Forum by Sergey on 04-08-2008
  • How backup bunch of files that the amount is over 8Gb? look mt code...

    Hy, I a need to backup a bunch of files and the total amount is over 4 GB. I think I need to use Zip64 but I do not how... I tryed to use ICSharp ZLib library and write the data in chunk but it does not work because I vahe to change the entry.crc and when I call PuNextEntry of ZipOutput the stream finish...
    Posted to Forum by Rikace74 on 01-15-2008
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipException: size was 0, but I expected 14194

    When I am zipping folder which is having some files I am getting the following error.But the same folder able to zip in the second try.. ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipException: size was 0, but I expected 14194 at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip.ZipOutputStream.CloseEntry() at ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Zip...
    Posted to Forum by Sarmak on 11-16-2007
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