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  • Re: Including content from XML files in intellisense tooltips

    Looks like I've answered my first question. The XmlDocumentationElement class has a DeclaringEntity property of type IEntity, which has a ParentAssembly property of type IAssembly, which has a GetProject method which returns a IProject, which has a Directory property, and once I've got that it's...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 03-25-2017
  • Including content from XML files in intellisense tooltips

    I'm not sure whether this counts as a bug or a feature request, but here goes... Steps to reproduce 1) Create a project containing a class with the following content using System; namespace IntellisenseTest { /// <summary> /// Description of Widget. /// </summary> public class Widget...
    Posted to Forum by sbridewell on 03-19-2017
  • Shortcut to enable/disable intellisense

    Hello, Is it possible do disable intellisense and if so, how? Is it possible to create a shortcut to disable/enable intellisense? I don't want to disable it completely because it can be useful but I want to enable it only when I need it. When I don't need it, it is a nuisance: it is very annoying...
    Posted to Forum by Stefaan Claes on 01-18-2015
  • Error in xml intellisense when schema contains SubstitutionGroup

    sugested list is sometimes wrong e.g. when using <stylesheet> as root in xslt files Proposed change: \src\AddIns\DisplayBindings\XmlEditor\Project\Src\XmlSchemaCompletion.cs was: public XmlSchemaComplexType GetElementAsComplexType(XmlSchemaElement element) { XmlSchemaComplexType complexType = element...
    Posted to Forum by jho1965dk on 01-17-2013
  • CodeCompletion with NRefactory 5

    Hint: Somehow the text of this post was deleted in the first place so I will try again: Hi, I just found out about NRefactory 5 and I would guess, that it is the most suitable solution for my current problem. At the moment I'm developing a little C# scripting application for which I would like to...
    Posted to Forum by erwin42 on 09-19-2012
  • Windows SDK for Windows 8 & IntelliSense

    I'm just curious... according to the release notes of the Windows SDK for Windows 8 (see ), IntelliSense, or more specifically the XML files for the .NET reference assemblies, are no longer part of the SDK. Now, does this mean that IntelliSense...
    Posted to Forum by FSchneidereit on 08-19-2012
  • Multiple intellisense entries with the same name

    I found a weired intellisense behavior in #D with C#. Having this inheritance in a different assembly public interface IBase{ string Name { get ; } } public interface ITestA : IBase { } public interface ITestB : ITestA { } when i have a member of type ITestB and then invoke the code completion window...
    Posted to Forum by mpruefer on 05-22-2012
  • Intellisense???

    Hello there!! Before anything i want to give mi thanks for this good IDE!! Well, in topic, i have installed this in 2 machines and i'm having problems with intellisense, sometimes shows the definitions and others just shows nothing, this in only one the other one is working perfectly, i have tried...
    Posted to Forum by Haru on 03-02-2012
  • AvalonEdit codecompletion

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a small app, for c# develop with code completion, and i've dicided to use AvalonEdit control, but i can't put the code completion to work. I've put a small sample in:
    Posted to Forum by freddregateiro on 11-28-2011
  • VB.NET List(Of T) Intellisense weirdness

    I searched both Google and the bug forums here, but was unable to find any reference to this: When using Visual Basic, typing the following: {{{ Dim test as List( }}} Results in a useless autocomplete: {{{ Dim test as List(Of T)( }}} I would expect the autocomplete to give either a code-template format...
    Posted to Forum by waynew on 06-27-2011
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