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  • How to extend AvalonEdit.TextArea to support active WikiLinks

    Hi, we love AvalonEdit and use it extensively in our project. We customized the syntax highlighting quite a bit and managed to highlight error-lines. Now we want to extend the TextArea-class with the following features: 1. Hyperlinks (e.g. "") are automatically turned into link...
    Posted to Forum by pixtur on 02-08-2013
  • AvalonEdit Highlight iff the symbol is at the start of the line.

    Hey there, I am wondering if there is a way to make AvalonEdit highlight something one way if it begins a line, and a different way if it appears in the middle of a line. For example, in InnoSetup, the ; (Semicolon) starts a comment if it appears as the first character of the line, otherwise it is a...
    Posted to Forum by Ztgreve on 12-03-2012
  • highlight Word

    Hi everyone. i'm needing your help. I want to highlight the word is followed by the ampersand character but only the word, not row. Example. I have this xshd: <Span name ="variablecita" bold ="false" italic ="false" color ="#999900" stopateol ="true">...
    Posted to Forum by mikolbe on 11-23-2012
  • Lua Syntax Highlighting

    Hello anybody! :) I am using ICSharpCode.TextEditor in my application, and now i am really need Lua syntax highlighting support. But i googled much and didnt found hsxd file anythere.. I hope it possible.
    Posted to Forum by agehack on 09-11-2012
  • Highlight string literal

    Hi! I am trying to write an xshd file that correctly highlights LISP style strings. They are surrounded by double-quotes and any backslash-double-qoute inside the string should, of course, not end the literal but let the highlight continue until the matching end-double-qoute is found. "hi \"there"...
    Posted to Forum by objarni on 09-15-2009
  • optional parameters in Begin rule

    Hi, I'm kinda new to your TextEditor component. I had prepared an xshd file based on xml. It has one rule, where it switches to jscript. Rule is given below. I use JscriptBlock to switch, but this tag has an optional "Name" parameter where one can name the script. I could not find how to...
    Posted to Forum by edokan on 08-28-2009
  • Custom Syntax Highlighting help needed

    A couple of questions and help needed 1st, is there a way to make the texteditor control ignore no space, ie the following example the M00G00, both the M and the G be highlighted differently, preferable with the trailing numbers also highlighted 2nd, is there a way of making the syntaxes more general...
    Posted to Forum by mrmerlin on 02-14-2007
  • PHP highlighting and MarkNextWord

    Hello, I am using MarkNextWord to try and highlight the vars in PHP ($var) only problem is that it will not highlight like this $testVar It will just stay as black text but like this it works $ testVar Does anyone know how to correct this or a better way of highlighting php vars? Thanks, Cory.
    Posted to Forum by Cory on 01-18-2007
  • csv highlighting strategy

    Has anyone created a strategy for highlighting csv? I think the tricky part would be recognizing text that is enclosed in quotes and not highlight a delimiter that is enclosed in quotes, any insight would be appreciated. Are there similar samples that I could use as a model?
    Posted to Forum by JonathanLSmith on 08-23-2006
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