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  • Get FileName from GZipped files

    Hello Everyone, I am working on a module in which I need to download files from FTP. These files are GZipped files and will be uploaded by client on to FTP. I have downloaded these files at my local machine and successfully decompress these files using GZipStream in C#. But there is a problem when I...
    Posted to Forum by Saurabh on 07-22-2014
  • How to compress multiple files in a folder into a single Gzip file

    Hi every one, I want to compress multiple .txt files into single GZIP file. Can any one help me out for sorting out this issue. I want to develop using 3.5 version. Thanks & Regards, Anil Kumar
    Posted to Forum by anilkumar on 10-31-2013
  • First magic byte doesn't match

    I get the wirtten in the title error but when I open the file in hex editor it start with 1f 8b 08 which are - I believe - proper magic bytes fro GZIP files (which I'm using to process the file). I also can open the file in 7zip. Any help? Here is the code: string str_data = ""; System...
    Posted to Forum by nimdil on 08-02-2012
  • Invalid GZip archive.

    I have an invalid .tar.gz archive. Winzip refuses to open it, and when I try to inflate it with SharpZipLib, it goes into an eternal loop. This is the code that I am using (in part):- Stream InStream = File.OpenRead(InputPath); using (InStream = new GZipInputStream(InStream, 8192)) { bool Status = true;...
    Posted to Forum by Keith Richardson on 12-17-2010
  • Error with GZ file

    I'm trying to extract the file here: using the code below, but I get the following error: Void set_Size(Int64) - Cannot be less than zero Parameter name: value I've extracted other files using this code but it doesn't seem...
    Posted to Forum by blkbam on 12-14-2009
  • Problem with bzip

    I new at this .Im using SharpZip to descompress a .bz file.I looked at the sample.The compressing works fine but when i try to decompress something i get an error If ( False = rdCompress.Checked) Then ' Decompression of single-file archive Dim fsBZ2Archive As FileStream, fsOutput As FileStream Dim...
    Posted to Forum by JustMyself on 08-21-2008
  • Re: Stream does not decrypt from server, but no errors are thrown

    Update: I uncompressed the stream a second time and got valid data; but when I pass the headers back I have an invalid charter line 1 position 1 of 0x1F Any thouthts on how to deal with this?
    Posted to Forum by BruceStevenson on 01-16-2008
  • Stream does not decrypt from server, but no errors are thrown

    Greetings; I have researched this issue in this Forum and C#, PHP and SUN, and have tried several of the suggestions, but my issue still persists. So I humbly ask for assistance. I am upgrading my web servers and .NET client application to connect to the web servers. The server streams are gz and zip...
    Posted to Forum by BruceStevenson on 01-11-2008
  • Bug in samples\cs\tar

    I'm currently writting some wrapper classes for tar gz and tar z, I have looked into your sample program. Here is what I got in my class: ...... GZipOutputStream output = new GZipOutputStream(File.Create(fileName + ".tar.gz")); TarArchive tarFile = TarArchive.CreateOutputTarArchive(output); TarEntry...
    Posted to Forum by yorkw on 10-16-2007
  • Decompressing large GZip files

    I have run into an issue decompressing large GZip files. I am getting the following error. GZipException: Number of bytes mismatch in footer I altered the error to report the values and got this as the answer: GZipException: Number of bytes [11628742391] mismatch in footer [-1256159497] It appears the...
    Posted to Forum by Dale on 08-03-2007
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