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  • No support for f# 3.0

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.17929 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0 Current culture : English (Australia) (en-AU) Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64 Working Set Memory : 63348kb GC Heap Memory : 5801kb ----- I installed the latest...
    Posted to Forum by kpm on 10-01-2012
  • Re: ProjectItem ordering

    Hi Matt, This does work (by editing the .fsproj), but does not seem reflected in the Projects pad - which is confusing. Also, certain edits in the Projects pad must rewrite the fsproj file in some way using alphabetical order, so the project will occasionally fail to build. Lastly, creating a project...
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-17-2011
  • ProjectItem ordering

    Hi, I've been slowly tinkering with the FSharpBinding, and have found a serious issue is the project tree sorting the items alphabetically. Is there a way to disable this? many thanks, Danny
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-15-2011
  • "Send To F# Interactive" not working

    I managed to get the F# Interactive interpreter working by installing "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell (Integrated) Redistributable Package" and then "Microsoft F#, November 2010 Community Technology Preview". However, the "Send To F# Interactive" context menu does not...
    Posted to Forum by j_a_k_e on 01-23-2011
  • SD Exception in .fsproj Properties

    Trying to edit properties for a .fsproj simply throws an exception.
    Posted to Forum by Keldor on 07-26-2010
  • F# File List in Project

    The order of source files in a project is important for F#. You have to compile in order, with any called routines getting compiled before their callers, etc. Sharp Develop seems to have automatically rearranged the files when I reopen a project.
    Posted to Forum by LucasMembrane on 03-24-2010
  • Move file up/down in F# binding crashes SharpDevelop

    Hi! F# binding has the possibility to move files included in project up and down in the project explorer. However this results in a crash if you have a file which is not a source file (for instance a .xaml file). A quick fix is to replace line 180 of sharpdevelop\src\AddIns\BackendBindings\FSharp\FSharpBinding...
    Posted to Forum by cas on 10-10-2009
  • Re: Support for syntax / type checking in F#

    Hi Rob, Great work so far. I'll send an email... regards, Danny
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-28-2009
  • Re: Support for syntax / type checking in F#

    Yes - and to perform type checking (is that semantic analysis?) which will produce its own errors and provides the type information tooltips available in the VS editor. The FSharp distribution includes FSharp.LanguageService.dll which contains the FSharpIntellisenseProvider and FSharpLanguageService...
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-26-2009
  • Support for syntax / type checking in F#

    Hi, I'm new to #D and really enjoying using it. I'd like to extend the FSharp addin support to include syntax / type checking. Are there any tutorials, references or links that could help me understand how to go about this? many thanks, Daniel
    Posted to Forum by DannyAsher on 02-25-2009
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