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  • "Compression method not supported" When trying to read simple Deflate Zip

    Hi, if i try to read a zip file created by 7zip command line with the following parameters: -mm=Deflate -mx=9 -pPassword, at zipinputstream.GetNextEntry() then i get exception, "Compression method not supported" A simple AES 256 encrypted deflate method zip, total commander, windows, java simply...
    Posted to Forum by disconnect on 10-06-2017
  • I got Inflate to work but Deflate is giving me trouble

    No matter what I set as input, Deflate always returns 2 with the bytes: 120, 1 in the output buffer. I'm putting in over 20,000 bytes and there's no way that could be deflated into two bytes so something is clearly wrong. Before it runs, the values are set to: buffer = 25242 bytes of uncompressed...
    Posted to Forum by FordGT90Concept on 01-29-2010
  • inflate - deflate mess up

    I'am writing on compressing and decompressing SWF files. I searched the forum for solutions but I didn't found something. Maybe you can help me. Inflate works: public Stream Uncompress( Stream input ){ byte[ content = new byte[ _Length ]; input.Seek( 0, SeekOrigin.Begin ); input.Read( content...
    Posted to Forum by oz030 on 01-22-2010
  • Trying to use SharpZipLib to extract from a Silverlight .xap file

    Hi, I am hitting my head at the wall and pulling my hair trying to figure out why since the xap format is a .zip file, I can't extract any files from it using the SharpZipLib (which by the way is great!). I get a message saying the compression method is not supported (256), I have tried to look for...
    Posted to Forum by SilverlightDeveloper on 08-10-2008
  • Re: SharpZipLib only partially works with flate encoded streams within pdf-s

    I've not (yet) looked at it in the depth that you have, but I am having the same issue on some streams. I know the code is otherwise working because a majority of the streams decode without error. Sorry, not much help at the moment, but I'll report back if I learn anything new.
    Posted to Forum by kweinert on 06-05-2008
  • Struggling to get started using Deflate/Inflate

    Just downloaded yesterday and began reading the Help and looking at the samples... In VB.NET (VS2005), I need to compress an array of bytes on one system and uncompress that byte array on another system. Both the compress and decompress must be in-memory operations (no "zip files" involved...
    Posted to Forum by dtnpsi on 03-14-2008
  • Re: Stream does not decrypt from server, but no errors are thrown

    Update: I uncompressed the stream a second time and got valid data; but when I pass the headers back I have an invalid charter line 1 position 1 of 0x1F Any thouthts on how to deal with this?
    Posted to Forum by BruceStevenson on 01-16-2008
  • Read Input MemoryStream and output compressed MemoryStream

    This seems like it should be a fairly simple exercise but I've spent a day or more trying to get the contents of a MemoryStream compressed. I have an input Memory Stream and I want to compress it and allow the user to download it and using standard XP zip to unzip it. The below function is supposed...
    Posted to Forum by PaulClarke on 12-07-2007
  • Unzip ZIP with only one File inside

    Hi, I tested the SharpZipLib and I find that this is a great tool. But there is a problem when I unzip a ZIP-file with only one zipped file inside. By using the following lines : Dim s As New ZipInputStream(File.OpenRead(Archive)) theEntry = s.GetNextEntry 'this line is include in a loop An error like...
    Posted to Forum by FrankB on 09-19-2007
  • saving a deflated stream as file

    Maybe its because I have been programming all day and a good portion of last night. But I keep bumping my head at this. Can someone suggest to me what I need to do to take a string which is the deflated file and then use #ziplib to inflate it and save it as its uncompressed file self. Any ideas... I...
    Posted to Forum by jasdever on 08-24-2007
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