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  • Where is SQLite DataAdapter?

    Continuing on my struggle to learn IronPython and Sqlite and SharpDevelop.... I can open and query a database by creating a cursor and looping through the returned rows. I want to create a DataAdapter so I can fill a DataSet. I create the DataSet easily as it is not specific to a certain SQL provider...
    Posted to Forum by sbrand on 07-07-2017
  • My SharpDevelop won't do any DB work for me :(

    So I'm trying to learn C# by using SharpDev instead of Visual Studio C#, and one of my tasks in the book which I am using(HeadFirst C#) is to just do the following: 1)From Solution Explorer, right-click the project 2) Choose SQL Database icon, and name it something. And from there, it creates a database...
    Posted to Forum by Shon on 06-22-2014
  • Learn videos for database programming

    Hi ppl, I've recently found yhis liitle/big gem called SharpDevelop :) I was tired of installing/repairing all the bloated package called visual studio 2010 :( when ms put vs 2012 out, not supporting windows xp/2003... :( that was the final naill in the couffin. ;) I've been trying to find good...
    Posted to Forum by IBIT.ZEE on 04-28-2013
  • mysql, ruby and #develop

    I have had the sharp develop ide load for sometime but only now starting to play with it to see how good it is. I like ruby and have a number of classes (one of which has connection setup to my Mysql server and uses sequel gem for the management of the conection). Last night i tried to do a simple act...
    Posted to Forum by dglnz on 04-27-2011
  • Problems connecting to Sql Server 2005

    I'm evaluating if i can use #Develop instead of VS2005(for linq and EF). But when I'm trying a connection with wizard it give 2 errors and cant connect . When connecting to Sql Server 2005( Professional): "Login Fail for user ''. The user is not associated with a trusted Sql Server...
    Posted to Forum by JoaquimMatos on 03-18-2011
  • EntityFramework Tutorial in SharpDevelop 4.0 Beta 3

    Hi there! Here a short overview of the SharpDevelop 4.0 Beta 3 EF integration - the photo story below is also available as YouTube screencast .: Create a new project Create a new Entity Framework Data Model Create a new database connection Copy connection string to clipboard Choose database objects for...
    Posted to Weblog by PhilippM on 09-29-2010
  • Re: Entity Framework

    Hi John, There is not any editor for creating the Entity Framework .edmx mapping file in SharpDevelop that I know. It looks like it could be in the roadmap for 4.x . But you only need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run Entity Framework 1.0. Don’t know if it is possible to generate mappings from the...
    Posted to Forum by MarcusH on 12-03-2009
  • SQLCE in Server Explorer

    Hello, is there a way to get connected to an SQLCE database with the server explorer? tomylee
    Posted to Forum by tomylee on 09-23-2009
  • Using SQL Server Compact Edition

    hi I want to use Microsoft SQL SERVER Compact Edition in my C# desktop application. What should I install ? I installed SQLServerCE31-EN.msi and SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi but when I want to create a new connection using server explorer, ".NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Mobile Edition" is...
    Posted to Forum by rostamiani on 12-01-2008
  • Re: How to create zip file from the file contents in bytes from database

    I am wondering how to do the same thing as the original poster is. I know how to do the actual zipping in memory but I do not know how (or if it is possible) to add files, in the form of byte array, to the zip in memory. From what I understand, the process is as follows: Create a ZipOutputStream. Create...
    Posted to Forum by clamum on 11-20-2008
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