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  • Where is SQLite DataAdapter?

    Continuing on my struggle to learn IronPython and Sqlite and SharpDevelop.... I can open and query a database by creating a cursor and looping through the returned rows. I want to create a DataAdapter so I can fill a DataSet. I create the DataSet easily as it is not specific to a certain SQL provider...
    Posted to Forum by sbrand on 07-07-2017
  • Database explorer - Add Connection

    hi all, I'm new to sharpdevelop, before i always used VS2013. Now when i'm trying to add a connection with database explorer > add new database connection i get a new window with database driver > Data source and last Database. In the combobox Database driver i click it open and there is...
    Posted to Forum by Mactaris on 04-09-2016
  • Learn videos for database programming

    Hi ppl, I've recently found yhis liitle/big gem called SharpDevelop :) I was tired of installing/repairing all the bloated package called visual studio 2010 :( when ms put vs 2012 out, not supporting windows xp/2003... :( that was the final naill in the couffin. ;) I've been trying to find good...
    Posted to Forum by IBIT.ZEE on 04-28-2013
  • Re: mysql, ruby and #develop

    Okay got this done Now how should i install gems? looking in on the rubybindings i don't see how i can install gems from the net. should i install the MSI of ironruby 1.1.1 or the zip file? as I use a couple of gems and most important of them is the sequel gem. I understand i could use the .net stuff...
    Posted to Forum by dglnz on 04-29-2011
  • Re: Entity Framework

    Hi John, There is not any editor for creating the Entity Framework .edmx mapping file in SharpDevelop that I know. It looks like it could be in the roadmap for 4.x . But you only need .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to run Entity Framework 1.0. Don’t know if it is possible to generate mappings from the...
    Posted to Forum by MarcusH on 12-03-2009
  • Using SQL Server Compact Edition

    hi I want to use Microsoft SQL SERVER Compact Edition in my C# desktop application. What should I install ? I installed SQLServerCE31-EN.msi and SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi but when I want to create a new connection using server explorer, ".NET Framework Data Provider for SQL Mobile Edition" is...
    Posted to Forum by rostamiani on 12-01-2008
  • Re: SQL parameter add problem

    Hi! Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, it is sure because if I remove the parameter from the SQL string - and comment the parameter part - it works properly. I know that the Stored Procedure would be the best-practice. On one side I'd like to practice this solution, on the other side there will be no SQL...
    Posted to Forum by Limited42 on 10-01-2007
  • SQL parameter add problem

    Hi! I know this is not really a SD problem but I hope someone help me. I have this code: sCheckQuery = "SELECT code FROM MyDataBase WHERE code = @code" ; this . odbcCommand1 . CommandText = sCheckQuery ; this . odbcCommand1 . Parameters . Add ( "@code" , OdbcType . NVarChar , 2 ). Value = this . textBox1...
    Posted to Forum by Limited42 on 09-30-2007
  • Binding problem

    Hi! My problem is the following where I need some assistant. I've created a form to show data from an MDB table. I would like to bind the coloumns of the table to the texboxes of the form. I'm trying to use the bindingsource component for this. In the design view I was able to set the datasource property...
    Posted to Forum by Limited42 on 09-15-2007
  • Retrieve table schema

    How can I create a DataSet with a table reflecting a table on my MSSQL db without the need to create manually each column? I mean: there's a way to retrieve schema from DB and create a table in a DataSet in an automatic way? Any link? Any addin? I really can't find any informtions
    Posted to Forum by jeenajeena on 06-04-2007
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