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  • Add-in to create/update a file when a build event is started.

    I am looking to find out how to hook into the build process to create a file to be added to my project when I start a build process. I can currently do that in Visual Studio by adding a OnBuildBeginEventHandler. How do I do this in SharpDevelop??
    Posted to Forum by dzgjwb01 on 01-23-2014
  • Re: Proper way of creating a secondary view AddIn

    For information and easier search, I updated this question in a different thread in the wrong section:
    Posted to Forum by vinvin on 03-03-2011
  • SQL Azure Explorer for SharpDevelop?

    Anyone think about building an addin for SharpDevelop that lets you work with SQL Azure like a normal SQL Server database? Or maybe this should even be a native integrated of SharpDevelop. Or as I read a post in another thread, about Database Explorer being part of SharpReports addin, extend SharpReports...
    Posted to Forum by daluu on 12-12-2009
  • Re: Call an addin from the base

    Hi there, I'm just trying to use the Builditems-Method as described but I still didn't get it to work. By debugging I could trace the Problem to the "return asm.CreateInstance(instance);"-Line in the CreateInstance-Method of the Runtime-Class. I get 'null' returned even if the...
    Posted to Forum by elgrazo on 07-03-2008
  • Create AddIn from StandAlone App Question: howto manage UI function

    Trying to create an addin-version for #Develop from a standalone c#.NET app, I came across this issue:: The solution contains a rather big project which contains also the mainform-part (+1000 lines!). Since I'll need to separate all the UI controls and implement then using the XML tags, it'll...
    Posted to Forum by danielt on 11-22-2007
  • Own implementation of code completion in XmlEditor (addin)

    Hallo, I try to extend the XmlEditor addin (for a new addin) from #develop to use specific code completion in xml code. I have implement this and it works, but I cant find a way to do this without modify XmlEditor classes (XmlEditorControl and XmlCompletionDataProvider). Can somebody help me to find...
    Posted to Forum by kde on 10-30-2007
  • An implementation for RegExpTk: download it!

    Hi, I've developed an addin for Regular Expressions Toolkit for code generation in C# and VB.NET. and can generate code for a class or a void (= Sub in visual basic) next time i will implement another feature: surprise! some screenshots:
    Posted to Forum by Hkproj on 12-29-2006
  • Porting Addin from 1.1 to 2.0!

    I'm trying to port an Addin from Sharpdevlop 1 to Sharpdevelop 2. Unfortunatly, I havn't seen any porting notes on the site. I've resolved a lot of namespace problems (changes from 1 to 2), but I still have some compilation errors, here are the missing classes: PropertyEventArgs, ProjectRefence...
    Posted to Forum by daedar on 09-11-2006
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