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  • Incremental Backup - bad Crc

    I developed a utility that will allow users to backup / restore their files. I have implemented Incremental backup (adding files to existing zip) by creating a ZipFile object and calling the BeginUpdate() and CommitUpdate() methods. ZipFile ozip = new ZipFile(@c:\backup\"); ozip.BeginUpdate...
    Posted to Forum by Rajesh Varma on 07-14-2011
  • System.OutOfMemoryException creating ZipOutputStream

    I've run into an issue with some code we inherited. When I try to read in a large file (1GB) I receive a System.OutOfMemoryException: Dim strFile As String For Each strFile In astrFileNames Dim strmFile As FileStream = File.OpenRead(strFile) Dim abyBuffer(strmFile.Length - 1) As Byte '<--...
    Posted to Forum by mcook103 on 05-08-2009
  • Password Protecting an existing Zip file

    Hi all, I am new to using SharpZipLib, but I'm trying to accomplish the following task: In my WindowsMobile c# project, I wish to take a file that is NOT password protected, and convert it to a protected one (without modifying the old one). Visual Studio has a nice feature called "Custom...
    Posted to Forum by keless on 04-04-2009
  • Adding and Deleting on Server get stuck on temporary file

    My program lets users add files to a zip file one upload at a time. The first upload creates a zip file, and subsequent uploads add to the created file. It also displays a list of all the files in the zip file, and lets users delete individual files. This works perfectly on my local computer, but once...
    Posted to Forum by thchaver on 03-13-2009
  • Re: How to create zip file from the file contents in bytes from database

    I am wondering how to do the same thing as the original poster is. I know how to do the actual zipping in memory but I do not know how (or if it is possible) to add files, in the form of byte array, to the zip in memory. From what I understand, the process is as follows: Create a ZipOutputStream. Create...
    Posted to Forum by clamum on 11-20-2008
  • Solution for Bug during Update(Add) of Entry in ZipFile

    Hi, i wanted to update one entry in an ZipFile using the Add(Entry) function of the ZipFile. I realized that this is only working well when all entries are added for an update run, when there is only one added the commitUpdate leads to a currupted ZipFile (at least WinRar says so). So the difference...
    Posted to Forum by Daniel F on 10-17-2008
  • Re: How to Zip and Unzip entire folders with nested files/folders.. example C# code

    It looks like I was missing the part that kept everything in folders in the archive. :D Thanks! The only improvements I see are for the BuildList to be renamed and return an array list. public static ArrayList GetFilesToZip( string searchPath, int recursionLevel, ArrayList files) { DirectoryInfo ThisLevel...
    Posted to Forum by ferventcoder on 09-24-2008
  • bad zip files

    I am trying to use sharpziplib with my website that uses When I create a zip file I can use WinRAR to view it and extract it but when I try to use windows folder compression tool, the archive is empty. Here is my code Dim i As Integer Dim s As ZipOutputStream = New ZipOutputStream(File...
    Posted to Forum by skye3000 on 06-20-2008
  • Again fullpath folders

    Hi everyone! Sorry for my bad english at first. So, lets see to my problem. When Iam try to create zip - all folders/subfolders added with fullpath. For example if I want to add folder "C:\Program Files\Common Files\MSSoap\Binaries\Resources\1049" It's OK. But in zip file i've got same...
    Posted to Forum by Sergey on 04-08-2008
  • Error adding files to existing zipfile

    Hi all! I'm trying to update a existing zipfile adding serveral files, but when i call "CommitUpdate" i receive a exception with a text similar to "File name of original xxx.tmp" not found. The code used to update zip: Dim zipFileO As Zip.ZipFile zipFileO = New Zip.ZipFile...
    Posted to Forum by J1mb0 on 03-04-2008
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