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  • Set a internal file name of gzip file.

    Hi, I need set a file name internal of gzip. I re-compiler ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.csproj I modifided a class GZipOutputStream Create a new method private string _fname = ""; /// <summary> /// Sets the name of internal file of gzip /// Create by Afonso Dutra /// </summary> /// <param...
    Posted to Forum by afonsoft on 03-23-2017
  • Re: reading a zip file in Windows(Re: CleanName in ZipEntry.cs)

    (re-post in Firefox) I came across this issue only recently, more than a year after the same code was successfully tested and implemented in production. So, I don't know if I had an incorrect design/coding in the first place or had tested it incorrectly or something changed in Windows or else. But...
    Posted to Forum by gimmely on 05-27-2015
  • SharpZipLib.Zip - Create folders in Mac - wrong file names

    Hello guys! I'm facing a problem with SharpZipLib.Zip in C# with Mac. When i download a zip that contain a folder in PC it works fine, but when i download in mac, instead of getting files with full path, instead of files inside the folders. example: //Test//Test.txt ---> Test/Test.txt as file...
    Posted to Forum by OrAssayag on 01-14-2015
  • ZipInputStreamGetNextEntry Exception

    Hi Guys, I have a simple zip file with two entryes: 1.xml 2.xml My code looks like this (it compiles in real life, im just making it breif here) while((entry = zip.GetNextEntry()) != null) { if("2.xml") { // then extract file break; } } I only care about the one file. Now...
    Posted to Forum by sciencefiction on 12-16-2014
  • Problem reading large files - Header checksum is invalid

    Hi all, I am trying to work with large files and while trying to extract information, I get the following: Source: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarInputStream Method: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarEntry GetNextEntry() Message: Header checksum is invalid Additional info: Error occurred importing feed...
    Posted to Forum by Kashif Devani on 12-15-2014
  • Error when extracting in WinRAR: "archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

    if image size larger than about 300kb,error when extracting in WinRAR: "archive is either in unknown format or damaged". Code: MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); using (ZipFile zip = ZipFile.Create(memoryStream)) { zip.BeginUpdate(); string filePath = @"D:/CARTON-220001.jpg";...
    Posted to Forum by LinearChaos on 09-04-2014
  • multiple-parts

    Does Sharpziplib support extracting multi-part splitted zip files?
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-16-2014
  • "Wrong Local header signature" when trying to unzip splitted zip file

    When I unzip a single zipped archive everything goes well But when I try unzipping an archive which is split into parts (i.e>myfile.z01=>myfile.z02) I get a "Wrong Local header signature: 0x....". the moment " while ((zipentry = zipstream. GetNextEntry ()) != null )"...
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-14-2014
  • Advanced altering of ZIP file contents

    Hello, I need help for properly using ZIP library altering ZIP files: 1. I need to dynamically alter compression level of newly added deflated ZIP entries (1 to 9), not only added with maximum compression 9. I didn't find proper way by using ZipFile class or by ZipOutputStream. So add a fast patch...
    Posted to Forum by arahomex on 03-05-2014
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