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  • Re: reading a zip file in Windows(Re: CleanName in ZipEntry.cs)

    (re-post in Firefox) I came across this issue only recently, more than a year after the same code was successfully tested and implemented in production. So, I don't know if I had an incorrect design/coding in the first place or had tested it incorrectly or something changed in Windows or else. But...
    Posted to Forum by gimmely on 05-27-2015
  • SharpZipLib.Zip - Create folders in Mac - wrong file names

    Hello guys! I'm facing a problem with SharpZipLib.Zip in C# with Mac. When i download a zip that contain a folder in PC it works fine, but when i download in mac, instead of getting files with full path, instead of files inside the folders. example: //Test//Test.txt ---> Test/Test.txt as file...
    Posted to Forum by OrAssayag on 01-14-2015
  • ZipInputStreamGetNextEntry Exception

    Hi Guys, I have a simple zip file with two entryes: 1.xml 2.xml My code looks like this (it compiles in real life, im just making it breif here) while((entry = zip.GetNextEntry()) != null) { if("2.xml") { // then extract file break; } } I only care about the one file. Now...
    Posted to Forum by sciencefiction on 12-16-2014
  • Problem reading large files - Header checksum is invalid

    Hi all, I am trying to work with large files and while trying to extract information, I get the following: Source: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarInputStream Method: ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.Tar.TarEntry GetNextEntry() Message: Header checksum is invalid Additional info: Error occurred importing feed...
    Posted to Forum by Kashif Devani on 12-15-2014
  • Error when extracting in WinRAR: "archive is either in unknown format or damaged"

    if image size larger than about 300kb,error when extracting in WinRAR: "archive is either in unknown format or damaged". Code: MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream(); using (ZipFile zip = ZipFile.Create(memoryStream)) { zip.BeginUpdate(); string filePath = @"D:/CARTON-220001.jpg";...
    Posted to Forum by LinearChaos on 09-04-2014
  • multiple-parts

    Does Sharpziplib support extracting multi-part splitted zip files?
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-16-2014
  • "Wrong Local header signature" when trying to unzip splitted zip file

    When I unzip a single zipped archive everything goes well But when I try unzipping an archive which is split into parts (i.e>myfile.z01=>myfile.z02) I get a "Wrong Local header signature: 0x....". the moment " while ((zipentry = zipstream. GetNextEntry ()) != null )"...
    Posted to Forum by microwth on 07-14-2014
  • Advanced altering of ZIP file contents

    Hello, I need help for properly using ZIP library altering ZIP files: 1. I need to dynamically alter compression level of newly added deflated ZIP entries (1 to 9), not only added with maximum compression 9. I didn't find proper way by using ZipFile class or by ZipOutputStream. So add a fast patch...
    Posted to Forum by arahomex on 03-05-2014
  • Re: FastZip.ExtractZip hangs and fills the hard disk to maximum

    Hello, We have upgraded to 0.86.0 and call to ExtractZip still results in hang. We already(looks like) know that something has gone wrong while zipping and opening in Winzip shows error message. Error: Invalid compressed data to expand (inflate) the file It could be better, if an exception is thrown...
    Posted to Forum by vinaya22 on 11-19-2013
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