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  • AvalonEdit: Is there a way TextSegments can be colored and cursor knows if in one?

    So my goal is the following. Point 1 works but not sure how to handle others make certain text segments uneditable by typing. (this is done by TextSegmentReadOnlySectionProvider) allow the user to delete the whole text segment if right click over the segment make the text segment a certain color All...
    Posted to Forum by gizzywiz on 05-08-2015
  • [WPF] Exception when switching to designer (and including the Viewport2DVisual3D class in XAML)

    Hello! I was trying the next example from MSDN: <viewport3d> <> <perspectivecamera position="0, 0, 4"> </perspectivecamera></> <!...
    Posted to Forum by XyLoNaMiyX on 04-03-2015
  • XAML Preview

    Hello everybody, First post coming through, nice to meet you all. Just started using the great SharpDevelop, so far loving it a lot. Sombody should tell Microsoft that it IS possible to make an IDE in less than 15mb... One quick question for the veterans or moderators: I know there used to be a XAML...
    Posted to Forum by DannyB on 08-26-2014
  • When a xaml file contains a mass of controls, the adorner of the control appears in a wrong position in wpf designer.

    Version 4.4.1, 4.4.2 both reappear the bug. I don’t have .net4.5 on my computer, so I don’t know whether Version 5 beta has the same problem. When I edit a xaml file which contains a mass of buttons, after I select a button, the adorner of the button appears in top left corner of the page...
    Posted to Forum by Fidel on 07-31-2014
  • 2 bugs

    Hi , i found 2 bugs : (SD4,beta4) 1_it's for WPF designer: 2_it's fot designer: my system in 64. Tnx
    Posted to Forum by blackpage on 07-09-2014
  • WPF designer fails on saving the design to .xaml file. [Sharpdevelop 4.2.0 - 8783]

    SharpDevelop 4.2.0 build 8783 on Win 7, 64bit As in the subject. In freshly installed 4.2.0 , WPF designer is not saving the design to xaml file. After designer reopening, the window is empty, window.xaml file contains only initial stub. 4.1.0 running side by side with 4.2.0 (on different solution) saves...
    Posted to Forum by Bor on 05-10-2012
  • XamlParseException in AvalonEdit using ElementHost, .NET 3.5av

    I'm getting an error with the source from the most recent build server dump, 4.2.8745. I compiled the ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit targeting .NET 3.5, removing the DOTNET4 conditional compilation symbol, and am consuming in a VS 2008/3.5 WinForms project using ElementHost. A simplified repro case is below...
    Posted to Forum by StevePgh on 04-09-2012
  • ILSpy: New BAML Decompiler-AddIn

    I recently replaced our System.Xaml-based BAML decompiler with a small add-in based on the XmlBamlReader by Cristian Ricciolo Civera , which he released on CodePlex under the MS-PL (last changed in November 2008 at the time of this writing). I adopted his code, extended it and fixed some bugs as well...
    Posted to Weblog by siegi44 on 05-27-2011
  • How does the focus logic work in the XamlDesigner

    Hi, I've been trying to underdstand the logic behind moving focus between design panel and adorner layers in xamldesigner but i am getting lost in the process. Could some one explain me why designPanel.Focus() is called in CreateComponentTool when a tool is getting created ?? What else can get focused...
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 03-02-2011
  • Why is IsAdornerLayerHitTestVisible is set to false in design panel drag over event

    Hi, We are trying to implement drag enter and drag leave events of our adorner layer during control creation (when control is dragged from the tool box) but "IsAdornerLayerHitTestVisible" which is set to false when the control is being created (design panel's drag over event handler) drag...
    Posted to Forum by katarla.shravan on 03-02-2011
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