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  • Windows SDK in Windows 8

    Hello, I am trying to create a c++ dll with SharpDevelop RC on a Windows 8 system. I have installed the Windows SDK, but SharpDevelop keeps giving me the same error: " Please ensure that the Windows SDK is installed on your computer. The imported project "C:\Microsoft.Cpp.Default...
    Posted to Forum by Nico on 01-20-2016
  • process.start not working

    Hello All, I'm writing a program to launch an application in using SharpDevelop. I'm getting the ",,, has stopped working" dialog box when I use the process.start("Application Path") If I link to the application shortcut on the desktop using the process.start it works...
    Posted to Forum by salavine1 on 10-07-2014
  • Problem with c++ dll error with strings and char*

    I am trying to load a c++ dll created with SharpDeveloper and haveing it load in a program . I am able to use int ,double functions with no problem. But when it comes to string functions it is another story. I am able to run the c++ code in console mode but when I port it out to a dll evey functions...
    Posted to Forum by Richard677 on 10-04-2014
  • Extreme Newbie Questions

    I'm about a week or two into using #Develop for VB.Net -- both new for me -- and have hit roadblocks that are frustrating me to no end. (My programming expertise is the close-sibling LotusScript, so picking up the core VB language hasn't been difficult.) I'm having to build a new application...
    Posted to Forum by jtroan on 05-29-2013
  • Can't create new F# project...

    I am new to SharpDevelop and having an issue trying to setup a new F# project. I get a message saying make sure your F# compliler isn't installed and that the imported project can't find ...FSharp.Targets and that I should correct the import statement in my project. The problem here is that it...
    Posted to Forum by Kipper on 04-09-2013
  • Trouble setting up windows sdk 7.1 with c++

    Hi, I'm having issues regarding c++ and sdk, wherever I try to build a simple managed console proyect, I receive the following warning Could not find WindowsSDKDir variable from the registry. TargetFrameworkVersion or PlatformToolset may be set to an invalid version number. (MSB8003) - C:\Program...
    Posted to Forum by Diego3.1416 on 08-29-2012
  • Where can i download a windows binaries for SharpDevelop IDE ?

    Greetings, SharpDevelop IDE looks really great. I understand that SharpDevelop IDE works with BOO programming language, is that true? Where can i download a windows binaries for SharpDevelop IDE ? Thanks...Vernon
    Posted to Forum by vmars316 on 05-26-2012
  • Bitwise causing arithmetic overflow

    The code exibiting the error looks like this Blanks.PossibleValues = ~(Horizontal[Blanks.X] | Vertical[Blanks.Y] | Box[Blanks.Box]); Temp = Blanks.PossibleValues; //check for 1 bit set if ((Temp != 0 ) && ((Temp & (Temp - 1 )) == 0 ))//Error here { } All variables are int Horizonal,Vertical...
    Posted to Forum by swight on 01-24-2012
  • System.Speech.Recognition

    Posted to Forum by jmlabs on 12-02-2011
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