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  • Reproducible Error when incidentaly leaving a stray quotation mark in a Procedure call

    I was cutting a string and pasting a variable name into a procedure call (messagebox), but accidentally left the trailing quotation mark too long. I am able to click continue and quickly delete teh offending quote mark, but if I delay too much the error recurrs. I am running the Xcopyable version in...
    Posted to Forum by lawrence.sproul on 09-22-2016
  • WPF Ribbon Designer problems

    When I use WPF Ribbon designer if I create a ribbon tab and try to place a RibbonButton on it the RibbonButton remains stuck to the bottom of the tab. The code that I use is this: – <RibbonTab Header="First" Foreground="#FFF9E33B" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment...
    Posted to Forum by dhyde on 08-25-2015
  • WPF Designer Ribbon installs a Application menu

    2. Describe what you wanted to do and how you did it Onto this XAML Design window :- <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Window x: Class ="Latest.Window1" xmlns ="" xmlns: x ="http://schemas...
    Posted to Forum by dhyde on 08-22-2015
  • Avalon Edit: Flag or mark a line number in red

    Is it possible to alter the line numbering so that I could make it show as red for a single line? I need to write error checking logic and while I know that I can make the line of code red, not sure if I can just make the number red. In that way the color may not distract the user when correcting the...
    Posted to Forum by gizzywiz on 05-26-2015
  • Unhandled WPF Exception Sharp Dev 2-c5791b46 At ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit.Utils.CharRope

    SharpDevelop Version : 2-c5791b46 .NET Version : 4.5.50938 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Current culture : English (United States) (en-US) Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64 Working Set Memory : 512768kb GC Heap Memory : 209302kb Unhandled...
    Posted to Forum by stixoffire on 05-11-2015
  • AvalonEdit: Is there a way TextSegments can be colored and cursor knows if in one?

    So my goal is the following. Point 1 works but not sure how to handle others make certain text segments uneditable by typing. (this is done by TextSegmentReadOnlySectionProvider) allow the user to delete the whole text segment if right click over the segment make the text segment a certain color All...
    Posted to Forum by gizzywiz on 05-08-2015
  • [WPF] Exception when switching to designer (and including the Viewport2DVisual3D class in XAML)

    Hello! I was trying the next example from MSDN: <viewport3d> <> <perspectivecamera position="0, 0, 4"> </perspectivecamera></> <!...
    Posted to Forum by XyLoNaMiyX on 04-03-2015
  • WPF Project Crash

    SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.18444 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Current culture : Invariant Language (Invariant Country) () Current UI language : en Terminal Server Session Working Set Memory : 188140kb GC Heap Memory : 133893kb Unhandled...
    Posted to Forum by lilgbolahan on 11-24-2014
  • AvalonEdit : how can change backcolor and tag in AvalonEdit by SyntaxHighlighting?

    I am developing an application and using ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit, I want to show piece of text text on it . The text is contain of some usual text , list test or code tag, a good sample if i want say the text is similar stack-overflow tags In continuous I will put an example, my problem is that how can...
    Posted to Forum by hesma_a110 on 10-29-2014
  • Project/class browser multi-select and port to WPF?

    In the roadmap for SharpDevelop 5, the first feature specifies multiselect for the project and class browser. Has there already been some progress on this? Does this mean the browser control will be ported to WPF?
    Posted to Forum by peterg on 07-23-2014
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