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  • Missing something please help -(what file is it looking for?)

    Can anyone help. All my code was working. I think this error is a simple wrong path type error. but i didnt change anything. I copied a backup over my the code (a backup that I know was working) but I get this same error. I am so frustrated! what does this error mean? Did I move a file by mistake? Now...
    Posted to Forum by Fleanbilly on 09-22-2011
  • How does the focus logic work in the XamlDesigner

    Hi, I've been trying to underdstand the logic behind moving focus between design panel and adorner layers in xamldesigner but i am getting lost in the process. Could some one explain me why designPanel.Focus() is called in CreateComponentTool when a tool is getting created ?? What else can get focused...
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 03-02-2011
  • Why is IsAdornerLayerHitTestVisible is set to false in design panel drag over event

    Hi, We are trying to implement drag enter and drag leave events of our adorner layer during control creation (when control is dragged from the tool box) but "IsAdornerLayerHitTestVisible" which is set to false when the control is being created (design panel's drag over event handler) drag...
    Posted to Forum by katarla.shravan on 03-02-2011
  • Re: Why should the site remember controls that have been deleted from the designer surface (xaml designer)

    Thanks for your reply. I knew that you would say undo/redo :D:D. Anyways, what if I want a "removed notification". What do you think will be the best approach to get it done. Why I want the "removed notification" is because I am holding a site of Active DesignItems within one my my...
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 12-07-2010
  • Why should the site remember controls that have been deleted from the designer surface (xaml designer)

    1. The XamlComponentService class holds all the registered items in a class level reference named _site . Whenever a new control is added to the surface, it is added to this dictionary. But when the same control is removed from the surface, it is not removed from this site. Why is it so, is there a reason...
    Posted to Forum by Sudarsan Srinivasan on 12-07-2010
  • Changing the core:GlobalStyles

    Hi, I have a requirement to override the default SD control styles. In many places I found references to global styles for example: <Button Style="{x:Static core:GlobalStyles.ButtonStyle}" This prevent me from applying a new theme to SharpDevelop. Is there a way to override the default styles...
    Posted to Forum by abarda on 09-01-2010
  • How to resolve partial classes

    Hi Daniel! I have several problems with understandion of how do you parse partial classes. Assume we have 2 strings (codeStr - c# code; xamlStr - xaml code) representing a UserControl. string xamlStr = @"<designerFramework:FormBase x:Class=""DesignForm"" <!--Declaration...
    Posted to Forum by Lerax on 07-29-2010
  • Outline of layout controls

    Hi Daniel! How did you managed to provide selection (HitTest) of transparent ("viewless") layout controls like Grid and Canvas on the Surface of the XAML-Designer? IsHitTestVisible property is set to true, but it seem to be not sofficient in the case of transparent objects. Warm Regards, Lerax
    Posted to Forum by Lerax on 06-15-2010
  • Re: XamlDesigner (Model and Visuals)

    Hi Daniel, I found this method that you are using to determine whether a parent can have more than one child (is a collection). Are you sure that it is enough to test these three interfaces and the ResourceDictionary class? Where did you found this information? public static bool IsCollectionType(Type...
    Posted to Forum by Lerax on 03-11-2010
  • Re: XamlDesigner (Model and Visuals)

    What do you think, is it possible to synchronize Model and View using databinding? Why don't you use it?
    Posted to Forum by Lerax on 03-03-2010
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