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  • SharpZipLib unzip with url

    We are unzipping a .zip file using Server.MapFile(SomeZipFile), pulling out a .pdf and displying it in the webpage on our main website. byte [ pdfBytes; if (r[1].ToString() != "") { ZipFile f = new ZipFile(Server.MapPath("/PDMA/"); ZipEntry ze = f.GetEntry(somepdf.pdf...
    Posted to Forum by kcbrown74 on 03-30-2017
  • What Zip format files are supported in current version on icSharp Unzip?

    Can you please provide a list of what Zip format files are supported in current version of icSharp Unzip?
    Posted to Forum by BBB_PA on 02-03-2017
  • Unix Z Compression unzip availability

    Please note that I am mainly a SQL dev, with little current experience in .Net/C#. We are using an older (4.0?) version of icSharp and I have seen a few posts on Unix Z Compression not being supported. ( & 3850). I also checked everywhere to see...
    Posted to Forum by BBB_PA on 02-03-2017
  • Working with Odt files in MemoryStream

    Hello, I have been developing a web application with and I have smoe question about SharZipLib. I have a file called Template.odt (from Open Office) and this file is a compacted file (like docx) and we have some other files inside it (manifiest, xml, images etc). I need to open this file change...
    Posted to Forum by felipeoriani on 11-23-2011
  • Files zipped with SharpZipLib fail to unzip on Moodle

    Hello, We are using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll version 0.86.0 to compress files. The files unzip without any problems with winzip and unzipping also works on most of the VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments). But when the zip file is uploaded to Moodle it fails unzipping the file. The funny part is that...
    Posted to Forum by yasser_abbasi on 03-07-2011
  • Windows Phone 7 Unzip

    Hi, Can you please let me know if you were able to unzip a file from Isolatedstorage in WP7? i have used SharpGIS but i am not able to extract with the folder structure. with Sharpziplib i am having errors. Does anyone have an example to unzip files? Thanks, Joe
    Posted to Forum by joe77pt on 02-07-2011
  • Extracting to blank 0 kB file

    Hi friends, I am having a problem in unzipping a file, its extracting as 0 KB doc file, eventhough zipfile has valid document file.When I observed the process its creating a blank .doc file and failing to read from zip file or write into .doc file. I am using ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll(Version 0.85...
    Posted to Forum by Devaraja on 10-27-2009
  • Extracting Zipped File problem

    I am using sharpziplib.dll version ( for .net framework 2.0. It zips without errors but when I try to extract the file zipped with winzip, I get error message saying: (The compression size stored in the local header for this file is not the same as the compression size stored in the central...
    Posted to Forum by cagwu on 06-09-2009
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