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  • Splash Screen Form

    I have been searching for a way to "copy" the Visual Studio version of the VB Windows Application "Splash Screen" template. I prefer using SharpDevelop and am in need of the Splash Screen functionality. Is there a way to convert Visual Studio form templates to be usable in SharpDevelop...
    Posted to Forum by marcwebdude on 01-09-2014
  • SharpDevelop for commercial purpose

    I am new in development with C# and SharpDevelop. I have 1 question. Hello,I would like to use SharpDevelop for commercial purpose, i.e. to sell the executable file.I will use SharpDevelop only for compiling. Does your licence allow that without being obliged to pay something to you?
    Posted to Forum by delianski on 10-08-2013
  • How do I access System.Windows.Forms?

    I use SharpDevelop with no add-ons, version on MS Windows 7 upgraded from Vista. In any empty C-sharp file, the compiler said this. Is there any support in #Develop for OS-specific code? The error in the image said that I might be missing an assembly reference... Am I missing an assembly reference...
    Posted to Forum by FizzledOut on 07-01-2012
  • Is "Dissecting_A_CSharp_Application" still the definitive guide to #Develop?

    I am looking to create an industry-specific IDE (application-builder really) on Windows platforms (not cross-platform), and am looking for as much information as I can get my hands on. This #Develop looks like what I'm looking for, and I am wondering how close the "Dissecting..." book is...
    Posted to Forum by lroy on 06-22-2010
  • IronPython Gui Code Generation

    I'm not sure where to start looking, so I figured I'd better ask here in order to discover my options. Basically, I need .Net controls to call out to IronPython functions: no big deal in .Net 4.0 using Dynamic, but I'm thinking it would be cleaner if the code emitted when, e.g., dropping...
    Posted to Forum by HankFay on 03-04-2010
  • Adding somethink like IKVM.NET to the Sharp Develop ?

    Hello, I am a java developer and I was excited about the J# when the .net platform start. J# is not supported anymore and there is many J# and J++ developers maybe some Java developers like me that like the .net technologies like Silverlight,WPF,WinForms and so on. I just want to give you a hint and...
    Posted to Forum by JOKe on 02-27-2009
  • Syntax highlighting

    Hello. Are there .xshd files for JScript and VbScript available? I've started using the TextEditor and want to have syntax highlighting for these languages. If not, can you please point me to the docs for how to create them. Thx.
    Posted to Forum by BrettG on 04-19-2008
  • Where is the SharpDevelopSWT? Cancel?

    I love SharpDevelopSWT !! Very Very. but I could not find it :(
    Posted to Forum by lemonree on 02-26-2007
  • A place to ask question about the forum

    Hi all. I have some questions about the forum itself and the community site, that I didn't find where to ask. I hope here is okay, if it is not, please direct me to the right place (and if there isn't one, perhaps there should be ;-) ) The things I'd like to know is how I can upload images...
    Posted to Forum by itaibh on 10-28-2006
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