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  • Help me for planning a small project that I will make :)

    I have plans to create projects that relate to PC-based heartbeat monitoring through bluetooth communications and arduino. Can it? I am a newbie and I still need a lot of help and references. thank you :)
    Posted to Forum by mytha on 08-17-2017
  • Can I have more than 1 program in a project?

    I'm new to learning C# programming and have started using Sharp Develop. I'm facing a problem. Whenever I have two .cs files in a project with entirely different programs written in them, I cannot run any and I get an error saying "The project has more than 1 entry point" since both...
    Posted to Forum by progyadeep on 03-31-2016
  • Re: Select Resource-->Project Resoure is empty

    4 years later it's now 2016 and that question still holds valid and there was no definitive answer as I looked all over for answer. I had to piece the solution together. Anyone else looking, the answer was to have SharpDevelop recreate the resource file. 1. (As you have done already) Add a file in...
    Posted to Forum by nassausky on 03-24-2016
  • Asynchronous loading project

    Hi to all. I work in a software house in Italy and I extended SharpDevelop to manage our proprietary language. This include support for a custom project type. In some cases we have to load projects with a lot of components. So I added a feature to load project asynchronously. I added a reference to the...
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 01-07-2016
  • vb6leap: A VB6 SharpDevelop add-in

    Hey guys, Today I want to announce my add-in that I have been working on in my spare-spare time (that is, when I have spare time in my spare time, which unfortunately is hard). At work, every now and then I have to deal with legacy code that happens to be written in VB6. I have tested a lot of add-ins...
    Posted to Forum by chrish on 10-17-2014
  • XNA Content Project Compile Issues

    I have been working on bindings and templates for the XNA framework. I've got SharpDevelop to read the XNA content project, but when I attempt to compile it, I get the error "The XNAContentPipelineTargetPlatform property is required to build content." This is a project created by Visual...
    Posted to Forum by clcrutch on 05-09-2013
  • Compiling projects / files in memory

    What are the extension points in SD to allow compiling a source code file or project in memory. I have this functionality already implemented in a separate project of mine using the CodeDomProvider, but I want to integrate it into SD so I can take advantage of the code editor and code completion. How...
    Posted to Forum by Paccc on 03-10-2012
  • Writing a setup integration tool for SharpDevelop

    Hi all, I'm the developer of a deployment tool called DreamShield wich can be found at (fr) or (en) . I know that there is already a plugin to implement WiX setup projets in SharpDevelop but there are some aspect in wich DreamShield...
    Posted to Forum by Smyley on 06-07-2009
  • How To Write an Item Template Wizard

    Hello, I have created a new Item Template for use in my projects. I would like to create a Wizard for the Template to prompt the user for some parameters and then have the substitutions made in the generated output. I have looked high and low and the only references I can find are for VisualStudio using...
    Posted to Forum by rrogers on 02-03-2008
  • Re: delete SolutionItem event

    Actually I test it and, yes, it save the sln file with the change but it does not fire any event :( If I add the ProjectService.SaveSolution instead of just solution.Save() it will fire the event but it also will save all the projects. That is not that bad, but the best will be to only save the sln file...
    Posted to Forum by smoldok on 03-16-2007
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