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  • Use Explicit Type refactoring: how refactor all occurences in a source file

    Hi, I'm watching unit test UseExplicitTypeTest inside NRefactory solution and seems i can apply UseExplicitTypeAction only if I mark one var statement with char '$' in source code: (from the unit test) [ Test ()] public void SimpleVarDeclaration () { string result = RunContextAction ( new...
    Posted to Forum by rucka on 10-18-2013
  • Using NRefactory to move types

    I have a need to go through all the types in a set of files and 'sort' them using various criteria (eg looking at certain attributes applied to the types) and then based on these criteria, move the types into the appropriate .NET namespace. eg: namespace InputFileA { Type A Type B Type C } namepsace...
    Posted to Forum by Xcalllibur on 08-23-2013
  • Parse to Other InvocationExpression

    Consider the code below. I am searching my code for all InvocationExpression where the name is SetServiceName (using the string.IndexOf sample as an example). This works fine. What I would like to get to now is the SetRequestParm with the first parameter of "Mode". I am having difficulty trying...
    Posted to Forum by Steve0212 on 03-13-2013
  • Re: Method Callers

    Sorry, two follow up questions. Question 1: If I have a method like below that is using System.Actions, as I am recursing up the call tree, I come to a System.Action for Get1, Get2, and Get3. The Resolver.Resolve(decl) returns a ConversionResolveResult instead of a MemberResolveResult. How can I go up...
    Posted to Forum by Steve0212 on 03-11-2013
  • Method Callers

    I am new to NRefactory, but so far, I love it. Thanks for the great work on this! However, I have a question that I can't figure out. First, I load project using the included sample solution and project classes (
    Posted to Forum by Steve0212 on 03-07-2013
  • Need some help with NRefactory

    Hello, today I was trying to use NRefactory to parse some C# Code and get it's methods and callers. But got some problems with it. First a little example of what i want to achive: We got two classes: public class TestCaller(){ public TestCaller(){ var tester = new Tester(); string s = tester.Test...
    Posted to Forum by Geaz on 07-11-2012
  • method call extraction with nrefactory 5

    Hi, i need to extract calls and object creations from methods. In the doc/TODO file of the code, there is some related remark: " For each method: Resolve whole method with ResolveVisitor Ensure there are no errors detected Extract list of methods being called (incl. op_Implicit etc.) " How...
    Posted to Forum by polygox on 03-08-2012
  • Re: Adding casts with NRefactory (4 or 5)

    Hello Daniel, thank you for your reply. You gave me all informations, i needed. I'm now able to insert casts(for testing, i'm adding .ToString() for "every" cast). But there are some problems. a) If a class is nested in another class, the resolve-method do not work correctly(the method...
    Posted to Forum by Arakis on 03-07-2012
  • Adding casts with NRefactory (4 or 5)

    Hello, i've converted a VB-Project to C#. It has no syntactical errrors, but lots of conversion errors. This project is very large, so adding the casts manually would be very much work. So the simple question is, how this could be performend with the nrefactoy-library, a small sample would be very...
    Posted to Forum by Arakis on 03-06-2012
  • NRefactory 5 - Find all references

    I need to use NRefactory to find all references of a type in a solution. Given a .sln file, the .cs file containing the type I want to find references of, and the type name, how can I create an IEntity so I can call FindReferences.GetSearchScopes and FindReferences.FindReferencesInFile? I looked at the...
    Posted to Forum by Samer on 01-10-2012
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