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  • adding my own .net runtime versions...

    hi guys, i am really impressed with your ide... it bridges the gap for me to write c# while i am not a student and im not in edu or science... im running the most current version from your download page "5.0". the topic pretty much tells what im looking for... the most current .net sdk is 4...
    Posted to Forum by OliverLeitner on 05-18-2017
  • Target Framework by Platform/Configuration

    I am writing a library of which I would like to provide versions for various versions of the .NET Framework, say, a .NET 2.0 version and a .NET 4.0 version. In project files, this seems to be possible by putting the target framework into a conditional PropertyGroup. However, this conditional setting...
    Posted to Forum by Neb Ikhet Ipet on 01-19-2016
  • learning with efficiency- any suggestions ?

    Hello dear members, Extremely interesting indeed ! Well, I am a bit blocked by some lacking of complementary documentation and I would be grateful to have some advices among many titles ... maybe close to #development, some are matching with the suitable efficiency, 1- starting from scratch or 2- for...
    Posted to Forum by t2p2z on 04-09-2014
  • Highlighting for javascript in a .html file

    I have loaded a dark theme and have most of my highlighting adjusted to my tastes. However if I open a .html file the javascript keywords are all in a solid blue, and I cannot find any setting in the code highlighting config which effects these keywords. The Javascript section seems to apply to pure...
    Posted to Forum by LesF on 08-04-2013
  • Default project configuration

    Is there any way to change the default project configuration? Eg when I create a new project, have the compiling output path default to a different directory?
    Posted to Forum by mcmillab on 04-22-2013
  • Problem with debug versus release mode.

    I have done an hour of web search as well as lots of experimenting on this, but made no progress I cannot set SharpDevelop into compiling unoptimized (which I need for debugging). I am using SharpDevelop build 8000 on Windows 7 on Intel Core 2600. The project where this happens (the main project) has...
    Posted to Forum by Chris on 12-05-2011
  • Choose dll version (64 vs 32 bits) depending on platform or configuration

    Hello, Recently, I had the need to install an application I am developing, in a 64bits machine. One of the .dll the project uses (SQLite.dll) is platform dependant, so I had to replace the 32bit version by the 64bit version. I was able to compile using the proper version; installation went fine, and...
    Posted to Forum by telafuensi on 01-21-2011
  • Compiling native 64bit exe files.

    I created a page for this on the wiki but it seems it was deleted. So I'll post it here. In my opinion, one of the biggest shortcomings of this wonderful software is the lack ability to compile 64 bit native exe files. Fortunately, if you have the .net framework installed, then you have the compilers...
    Posted to Forum by binarycortex on 08-30-2010
  • I need to run a #develop application with some addins from the non-boot drive...

    I would like to run #develop with some addins from a directory tree that is located on a Compact Flash card that is not the boot drive. The boot drive is actually locked down and cannot be written to... I see that my properties and other configuration related files are stored in my "\Documents and...
    Posted to Forum by lroy on 06-29-2010
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