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  • Draw lines in editor

    Hi to all. I want to draw lines for connect start and end of a block (if, for, etc), like VS2015 or Notepad++. I make a service as TextMarkerService used by ErrorPainter. But in that case, it draw a polygon (similar to a vertical line). I have to draw a vertical line. I've calculated start and end...
    Posted to Forum by enigma on 05-24-2016
  • hard coded colors - dark skin

    hi! since i'm trying to set my win7 up using completely dark style, which is an awful undertaking in itself, i was trying to get sharpdevelop use a dark skin, too. since there's no native option i used the "theme tool" addon, wich helps a lot. still, there are some areas of hard coded...
    Posted to Forum by iche on 05-10-2016
  • Dark Theme in portable mode

    Hi, I have installed Sharp Develop Version After That i have made it Protable with the file SharpDevelop.exe.config with the switch: <add key="settingsPath" value="J:\PortableApps\SharpDevelopPortable\Data\AppSettings" /> on the internet I found some articles where...
    Posted to Forum by bit17 on 09-17-2015
  • AvalonEdit: color LineNumber line to red

    Hello! Can you help me change the color of LineNumbers line (for example: line number five) to a single color? Thank you!
    Posted to Forum by Invudeal on 07-03-2014
  • How do I add Keywords at runtime to main ruleset?

    Hi, I add a new Keywords object to the main rule set at run time. But except those keywords, other rules are colored properly. Can anyone explain why words loaded at runtime don't get highlighted? using (Stream stream = typeof(Window1).Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("testAvalonEdit.MyLang...
    Posted to Forum by cnayan on 04-23-2014
  • Highlighting for javascript in a .html file

    I have loaded a dark theme and have most of my highlighting adjusted to my tastes. However if I open a .html file the javascript keywords are all in a solid blue, and I cannot find any setting in the code highlighting config which effects these keywords. The Javascript section seems to apply to pure...
    Posted to Forum by LesF on 08-04-2013
  • How to extend AvalonEdit.TextArea to support active WikiLinks

    Hi, we love AvalonEdit and use it extensively in our project. We customized the syntax highlighting quite a bit and managed to highlight error-lines. Now we want to extend the TextArea-class with the following features: 1. Hyperlinks (e.g. "") are automatically turned into link...
    Posted to Forum by pixtur on 02-08-2013
  • How do i change the colors of sharp develop text editor window to match a dark theme?

    Hello: Excellent IDE! congratulations. How do I change the color scheme in the text editor window to match a dark theme, say ruby blue? Is there a theme configuration file that I can edit with a text editor and share with others, like in Visual Studio? Giovanni
    Posted to Forum by giovanni on 04-01-2010
  • Boo Blue and Vibrant Ink highlighting schemes

    Hi, I'm a big fan of dark IDE color schemes. I have ported Ruby Blue and Vibrant Ink Textmate themes to SharpDevelop. The schemes are for the Boo programming language but can easily be modified to other languages. There are also HTML and Nvelocity versions of Vibrant Ink. Please feel free to grab...
    Posted to Forum by heureka on 02-25-2008
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