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  • Set a internal file name of gzip file.

    Hi, I need set a file name internal of gzip. I re-compiler ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.csproj I modifided a class GZipOutputStream Create a new method private string _fname = ""; /// <summary> /// Sets the name of internal file of gzip /// Create by Afonso Dutra /// </summary> /// <param...
    Posted to Forum by afonsoft on 03-23-2017
  • Breakpoint bug

    Hi, I just want to give a bug repport for the next upgrads. I use SharpDevelop 5.1 , and when I set a breakpoint for testing my code, the application raise fatal error and it's stopped. My OS session was into User mode . I've tested it into session with Administrator mode and I have no error...
    Posted to Forum by WicKe@l on 03-14-2017
  • OFL Modified to MIT License Change

    Our team is currently evaluating a piece of software that has a downstream dependency on SharpZipLib. The code is currently pulled from Nuget, and as such is licensed under the older GPL Modified license. I noticed that the current version in Github is licensed with an MIT license, a license that would...
    Posted to Forum by mramsey on 01-31-2017
  • C# 5.0 and .NET 4.6

    Is there a build of SharpDevelop yet that supports .NET 4.6 projects and C# 5.0 yet? I tried searching through the forum, but I didn't see anything in my search results that looked to be related to that.
    Posted to Forum by Froggles on 09-11-2016
  • WPF Avalon Edit Make text upper case

    I am using C# WPF with Avalon Edit Text Box. I am trying to make all of the text in the text box uppercase and I get an error with additional message 'No undo group should be open at this point'. I am using the following code: a.Text = a.Text.ToUpper(); where "a" is the AvalonEdit.TextEditor...
    Posted to Forum by WPFHelpPlease on 08-30-2016
  • Database explorer - Add Connection

    hi all, I'm new to sharpdevelop, before i always used VS2013. Now when i'm trying to add a connection with database explorer > add new database connection i get a new window with database driver > Data source and last Database. In the combobox Database driver i click it open and there is...
    Posted to Forum by Mactaris on 04-09-2016
  • WinForms Designer: DataGridView column type causes naming confusion

    Situation: I put a DataGridView on the form, add a DataTable and start the column editor. By default, most columns are created as TextBoxColumn and are named in this way. If the table contains a field "refID" as reference to another table by ForeignKey, the column is registered in the Designer...
    Posted to Forum by Juergen Thomas on 02-24-2016
  • WinForms code editor: improve renaming

    If I rename a WinForms control's name inside the code editor using the built-in function (Strg-R / right-click > Rename/Umbenennen), each occurrence is renamed. Only two situations in the Designer.cs are omitted; I suggest to change these ones in the same way. Say "oldControl" the old...
    Posted to Forum by Juergen Thomas on 02-24-2016
  • Developing with dot net core [Newbie]

    Hi I want to start developing with C#, headless apps (algorithms) but without using .net or visual studio. I have downloaded .net core. How can I use this installation with sharpdevelop to program my apps? What else do I need? Thank you
    Posted to Forum by fithisux on 02-15-2016
  • Problem with using project resource file at Design time

    Hello Community, Could you help me with the right way of using resources in .NET project at design time? What I need is to prepare a list of images and use it then as icons of menu and toolbutton items. I've created new resource file (Resource1.resx) via "Add -> New Item -> Misc ->...
    Posted to Forum by coffeemanoff on 02-01-2016
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