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  • WPF Avalon Edit Make text upper case

    I am using C# WPF with Avalon Edit Text Box. I am trying to make all of the text in the text box uppercase and I get an error with additional message 'No undo group should be open at this point'. I am using the following code: a.Text = a.Text.ToUpper(); where "a" is the AvalonEdit.TextEditor...
    Posted to Forum by WPFHelpPlease on 08-30-2016
  • AvalonEdit : how can change backcolor and tag in AvalonEdit by SyntaxHighlighting?

    I am developing an application and using ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit, I want to show piece of text text on it . The text is contain of some usual text , list test or code tag, a good sample if i want say the text is similar stack-overflow tags In continuous I will put an example, my problem is that how can...
    Posted to Forum by hesma_a110 on 10-29-2014
  • How can I get expressionResult and resolveResult for ProvideInsight() method?

    How can I get expressionResult and resolveResult for ProvideInsight method? IInsightWindow insightWindow = this.ShowInsightWindow(new MethodInsightProvider().ProvideInsight(expressionResult, resolveResult));
    Posted to Forum by bobandrew on 02-13-2013
  • AvalonEdit problem: when parent is StackPanel

    In my project i'm using last version of AvalonEdit and AvalonDock components. When i'm put TextEditor in DocumentContent dc.Content = te; dc.Show(DockManager); I haven't any problem. But currently I need put AvalonEdit in StackPanel . And when I'm do it - my programm is freeze. For more...
    Posted to Forum by wirwl on 09-14-2011
  • ExpectInsertionBeforeStart

    Hi all, could you please explain me this part of code. What ExpectInsertionBeforeStart is used for? void textArea_Document_Changing(object sender, DocumentChangeEventArgs e) { if (e.Offset == startOffset && e.RemovalLength == 0 && ExpectInsertionBeforeStart) { startOffset = e.GetNewOffset...
    Posted to Forum by Lerax on 01-25-2010
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