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  • SearchPanel Close Functionality

    I have an application that has two TextEditor panes in one AvalonDock. And I am able to install a seperate SearchPanel for each pane / window. But, I need to close one SearchPanel, if another SearchPanel is opened. I have added two RibbonButton items to a Ribbon that when pressed install and open a SearchPanel...
    Posted to Forum by MKrug on 08-25-2017
  • Bilder Auswahl

    Hallo Community, ich arbeite erst kürzlich mit SharpDevelop (SharpDevelop Version: Build: 9430 ) und habe daher noch wenig Erfahrung. Ich möchte eine Windows Application schreiben, wo ich ein Bild (.png) pro Kategorie auswählen kann und mir das ausgewählte Bild...
    Posted to Forum by tr4mp on 04-10-2017
  • C# 5.0 and .NET 4.6

    Is there a build of SharpDevelop yet that supports .NET 4.6 projects and C# 5.0 yet? I tried searching through the forum, but I didn't see anything in my search results that looked to be related to that.
    Posted to Forum by Froggles on 09-11-2016
  • My SharpDevelop won't do any DB work for me :(

    So I'm trying to learn C# by using SharpDev instead of Visual Studio C#, and one of my tasks in the book which I am using(HeadFirst C#) is to just do the following: 1)From Solution Explorer, right-click the project 2) Choose SQL Database icon, and name it something. And from there, it creates a database...
    Posted to Forum by Shon on 06-22-2014
  • learning with efficiency- any suggestions ?

    Hello dear members, Extremely interesting indeed ! Well, I am a bit blocked by some lacking of complementary documentation and I would be grateful to have some advices among many titles ... maybe close to #development, some are matching with the suitable efficiency, 1- starting from scratch or 2- for...
    Posted to Forum by t2p2z on 04-09-2014
  • Sharp develop portable cannot build

    Hi all SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0.30319.1008 OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Current culture : English (South Africa) (en-ZA) Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64 Working Set Memory : 128204kb GC Heap Memory : 26037kb I also...
    Posted to Forum by theGreg on 01-08-2014
  • ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Commands.SaveFileAs doesn't work correctly with Windows Forms.

    The command ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Commands.SaveFileAs won't save the Form.Designer.cs as well as the Form.cs, which is done by visual studio by default. It also results that the FormsDesigner report "ICSharpCode.FormsDesigner.FormsDesignerLoadException: Could not find InitializeComponent...
    Posted to Forum by li.zhe on 11-21-2013
  • VB.NET to C# converter: incorrect convert preprocessor directives for class fields

    SharpDevelop 4 VB.NET code: Class t1 Private URL As String # If DEBUG # End If End Class Converts to C# code: class t1 { # if DEBUG private string URL; # endif }
    Posted to Forum by gtf on 01-12-2013
  • Re: SharpReport

    Hay, Ich weiß, der Thread ist uralt aber ich hab so ein Verständniss Problem mit dem SharpDevolop Reporter. Wie schaffe ich es die Daten, die in einem DataGridView angezeigt werden zu erzeugen. Hier stellt sich das Problem, dass ich: Die Daten über ein Suchfeld eingrenzen kann. ( Adressliste...
    Posted to Forum by Laines on 10-24-2012
  • How do I access System.Windows.Forms?

    I use SharpDevelop with no add-ons, version on MS Windows 7 upgraded from Vista. In any empty C-sharp file, the compiler said this. Is there any support in #Develop for OS-specific code? The error in the image said that I might be missing an assembly reference... Am I missing an assembly reference...
    Posted to Forum by FizzledOut on 07-01-2012
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