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  • Problem with debug versus release mode.

    I have done an hour of web search as well as lots of experimenting on this, but made no progress I cannot set SharpDevelop into compiling unoptimized (which I need for debugging). I am using SharpDevelop build 8000 on Windows 7 on Intel Core 2600. The project where this happens (the main project) has...
    Posted to Forum by Chris on 12-05-2011
  • System.Speech.Recognition

    Posted to Forum by jmlabs on 12-02-2011
  • Can I work with the windows project created with VS2008 Express edition using SharpDevelop

    Hello, I have a windows application developed in VS 2008 Express edition (C#). I would like to use SharpDevelop to work with it further instead of buying VS. Is that feasible ? What kind of problem should I anticipate ? If I wish to convert it into WPF app, would that be possible ? Kindly revert back...
    Posted to Forum by nalinirrajan on 09-15-2011
  • Intellisense in Sharpdevelop Beta4

    Hi, I'm trying to get intellisense work in for C# in Avalon editor sample for namespaces e.g. System, I have seen file SharpDevelop\src\AddIns\BackendBindings\CSharpBinding\Project\Src\CSharpCompletionBinding.cs which has methods like "public override CodeCompletionKeyPressResult HandleKeyPress...
    Posted to Forum by ravikumarv on 11-09-2010
  • How to chanege settings for extended monitor and dual monitor programmatically?

    I have a Radeon Graphics card with 2 Graphics port one for VGA and other for DVI port. 2 monitor is connected on these 2 ports. I want to create an application that will show 2 options. 1> Extended, and 2> Dual screen and perform the followings. Case1: (Extended) 1st monitor will work as primary...
    Posted to Forum by alinaser on 07-18-2010
  • Creating all properties

    Hi Folks Is there a way to create all properties from private variables in a class? I have found only a way to create each property individually, by clicking right mouse button over the variable (option Create property). Thanks in advance... Everton Lucas
    Posted to Forum by Everton Lucas on 02-24-2010
  • Finding overloads of method using parser in Visual Studio

    Hi, I am trying to write an addin to VS2008. The addin will give a second list of autocomplete. What i would like to achive, while user edits method: public void Method() { Foo( /*caret here*/ } To get all the overloads of the method Foo. I tried using the Parser and NRefactoryResolver with no luck so...
    Posted to Forum by Elisha on 09-03-2009
  • moving from VS to SD

    Hi all! i am professional software developer and familiar with VS2005. But i find the new #D 3.0 very interesting and so i am doing the first customer project by now (nearly finished). working with the SD IDE i searched for some features i used in VS, but could not find them here. perhaps someone can...
    Posted to Forum by Obelix on 04-03-2008
  • How Could the Application run?

    I have downloaded the the source code of SharpDevelop_2.2.1.2648. I want to have CSharpCodeCompletion Application run in PC,but I found the application was closed with some exception. the application run the thread of ParserThread which's function to parser the code and load the "System"...
    Posted to Forum by jarodxplee on 04-01-2008
  • Function does not have IL Code (Newbie)

    Hi all. Question concerning debugging c# using Microsoft . Office . Interop . Outlook (outlook 2007 on Vista)... I am trying to look at appt. items and I see for values... "Function does not have IL code". Um... what am I missing? What's "IL" (intermediate language???)? I checked...
    Posted to Forum by wjgray on 12-31-2007
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