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  • SD 5 Exception when dismissing dialog

    Modify a file in the solution, do not save Open solution in another application (VS 2013 in my case) Modify the solution externally Return to SD Choose to reload solution There is still pop up asking to save the modified file Dismiss it Get exception SharpDevelop Version : 5-3e5b969d...
    Posted to Forum by leon_hnl on 08-08-2014
  • ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Commands.SaveFileAs doesn't work correctly with Windows Forms.

    The command ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Commands.SaveFileAs won't save the Form.Designer.cs as well as the Form.cs, which is done by visual studio by default. It also results that the FormsDesigner report "ICSharpCode.FormsDesigner.FormsDesignerLoadException: Could not find InitializeComponent...
    Posted to Forum by li.zhe on 11-21-2013
  • Bug opening Classdiagram

    Hello, i've got an Exeption during open a Classdiagram build by Visual Studio. I try my VS Poject with #Dev and so I open a lot of cs files. Thereafter i try to open and get a fault. This is the german content of the clipboard: SharpDevelop Version : .NET Version : 4.0...
    Posted to Forum by jogowa on 08-03-2010
  • FastZip example in cssamples

    FastZip example in cssamples has a really minor bug: case Operation.Extract: if ( argCount == 2 ) { Console.WriteLine("Extracting Zip"); fastZip.ExtractZip(arg1, arg2, overwrite, confirmOverwrite, fileFilter, dirFilter, recurse ); } else Should be: case Operation.Extract: if ( argCount == 2...
    Posted to Forum by vovin on 01-22-2010
  • SharpDevelop crashes when needs to debug a project that requires elevation

    As the title says. When SD is not run as administrator, and the project needs elevation to start up, SD pops up an error and won't debug it. I know i can fix it by running it as administrator, i'm just saying, maybe they could handle the error in a better way ( for example, visual studio asks...
    Posted to Forum by Ced on 10-12-2009
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