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  • Scrolling to last line not always working in AvalonEdit

    I wanted to add an "auto-scroll" behaviour to my application which uses AvalonEdit as text editor. The idea is that when text is programmatically added to the end, and the user has currently scrolled to the end, then scroll so that the new text is visible (ex. the behaviour in the output windows...
    Posted to Forum by DanielRose on 06-04-2014
  • How do I add Keywords at runtime to main ruleset?

    Hi, I add a new Keywords object to the main rule set at run time. But except those keywords, other rules are colored properly. Can anyone explain why words loaded at runtime don't get highlighted? using (Stream stream = typeof(Window1).Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("testAvalonEdit.MyLang...
    Posted to Forum by cnayan on 04-23-2014
  • Auto-Format

    In recent builds of SharpDevelop 5, I noticed there seems to be some kind of auto-format feature enabled in AvalonEdit. More precisely, what I get is an automatic change of identation, for example, when I write C# code and it often results in removal of deliberate leading white-space (in multiline comments...
    Posted to Forum by FSchneidereit on 03-03-2014
  • Updated NuGet package of AvalonEdit

    The NuGet package of AvalonEdit currently is at version 4.3.1. In the meantime, there have been various releases of SharpDevelop, which included updates to the AvalonEdit component. When will the NuGet package for AvalonEdit get updated?
    Posted to Forum by DanielRose on 01-23-2014
  • SharpDevelop Debugger dont get detached from the process[Debuggee]

    Hello, I am facing one issue in the SharpDevelop debugger. I have developed a Console App for executing and debugging javascript file by using "Jurassic compiler". I have developed UI with the help of AvalonEdit, which allows all debugging feature like breakpoints, step into etc... Now when...
    Posted to Forum by Waqaar on 11-02-2013
  • Using standalone code completion for my custom application

    Hello! As described in this post , I'm trying to use some functionalities for my custom application. Here are some fragments of code that I have written in order to show completion list: Initialization: var core = new CoreStartup("MyApp"); core.ConfigureExternalAddIns(@"C:\Program...
    Posted to Forum by Davi on 08-28-2013
  • AvalonEdit (4.3) mouse handlers should not require a Document

    I'm using WPF data binding to assign my document to my AvalonEdit instance. It works fine generally, but if the user clicks right when the binding is changing (or right when the control is initializing), I get this error: System.InvalidOperationException: Document is null at ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit...
    Posted to Forum by brannon on 08-21-2013
  • Paragraph Height for lines in Avalonedit

    I read in a post from Daniel that this wasn't supported but I am wondering if it is still the case. I am trying to do some overlay on the text and I would like to do it below the line (for which the overlay is intended). However, I don't want to insert newlines 'coz that would cause some...
    Posted to Forum by ssarangi on 08-19-2013
  • Make segment of text readonly in avalonedit

    I have a console window with avalonedit and I want to make the current text in the window readonly. That is, after a certain command is executed from the console and its result comes to the window, I want to make the contents readonly so that the user cannot delete it anymore. (eg. deleting the prompt...
    Posted to Forum by ssarangi on 08-17-2013
  • Draw underlines & text on the side of current text

    I want to do something like underscores & some text alongside the code. Very similar to what has been done to the Clang Static Analyzer in xcode.. I don't know whether to use the DocumentColorizingTransformer for this or something else. I can modify the text with the DocumentColorizingTransformer...
    Posted to Forum by ssarangi on 08-17-2013
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