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  • AvalonEdit: TextPosition style information

    Hi, This may be the wrong place to post and ask this (sorry), but is there a way to determine the class of a TextPosition? By this, I mean a way of determine if line 7, column 22 is quoted or a comment? The reason I ask is I'm trying to do a RegEx that finds some given tokens, but I want to ultimately...
    Posted to Forum by s0upyd on 12-04-2009
  • Bracket Matching in AvalonEdit?

    I've searched the source code and I can't seem to find any mention of this anywhere, would I be right in assuming that it hasn't been implemented yet or am I missing something?
    Posted to Forum by WWakerFAN on 11-03-2009
  • AvalonEdit - Using the WPF TextFormatting Api (System.Windows.Media.TextFormatting)

    Hello everyone, I am working on a Wpf CustomControl that acts similar to a standard Wpf TextBox, however I am implementing the features of the System.Windows.Media.TextFormatting namespace (ie TextSource, TextFormatter, etc.). After searching long and hard for any other application that implements the...
    Posted to Forum by DotCam on 10-13-2009
  • AvalonEdit commands

    Hi: I'm really liking AvalonEdit and would like to use it. One of the things I'm wondering is how I can use the commands defined in AvalonEditCommands as well as the regular Application commands with the control from outside buttons. With a WPF TextBox, I can set the Command and CommandTarget...
    Posted to Forum by dksimon on 07-02-2009
  • Where can I get AvalonEdit?

    I'm fonfused - AvalonEdit is supposed to be part of SharpDevelop 4, but the SourceForge site only has source code for SD1-3. I'm after the AvalonEdit component - where can I download it?
    Posted to Forum by drowling on 03-27-2009
  • AvalonEdit -> Tooltips

    What is the best way to show error description tooltips for syntax errors in AvalonEdit? I am highlighting the errors with custom DocumentColorizingTransformer. What I want to accomplish is to show the error description when user hovers the corresponding VisualLineElement. Thanks in advance.
    Posted to Forum by ashmind on 02-26-2009
  • AvalonEdit -> FormattedTextElement

    What is the reason for it being internal? It seems a good thing to use if I want to format a certain text block, and VisualLineElement is a bit too abstract.
    Posted to Forum by ashmind on 01-10-2009
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