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  • AvalonEdit: Copy takes forever for large hightlighted text files

    I have loaded a text file (~7 MBytes) into the editor. When I apply syntax highlighting then coping (Control-A and Control-C) the whole text takes forever (without highlighting it's done in a second) When I break into debugger I get the following callstack (shortened): System.Text.RegularExpressions...
    Posted to Forum by Potti on 11-24-2014
  • AvalonEdit. Wrong caret position after after moving the cursor to the next line in brackets

    Wrong caret position after after moving the cursor to the next line in brackets, see video example here: Video bug example How to fix this bug?
    Posted to Forum by bobandrew on 05-16-2013
  • How to extend AvalonEdit.TextArea to support active WikiLinks

    Hi, we love AvalonEdit and use it extensively in our project. We customized the syntax highlighting quite a bit and managed to highlight error-lines. Now we want to extend the TextArea-class with the following features: 1. Hyperlinks (e.g. "") are automatically turned into link...
    Posted to Forum by pixtur on 02-08-2013
  • How to draw a border at ICSharpCode.TextEditor control?

    Hello anybody! I am using ICSharpCode.TextEditor in my application, but this control haven’t border around itself. How to draw a border at ICSharpCode.TextEditor control?
    Posted to Forum by bobandrew on 10-05-2012
  • Using VRulerRows in AvalonEdit

    I was reusing the ICSharpCode.TextEditor but I wanted to move to the newer better AvalonEdit. So now I am trying to use the AvalonEdit control and was wondering where the rulers went? I've looked all over and can't find a sample of them or even a reference to them. It used to be TextEditor.VRulerRows...
    Posted to Forum by padillah on 10-21-2011
  • Missing something please help -(what file is it looking for?)

    Can anyone help. All my code was working. I think this error is a simple wrong path type error. but i didnt change anything. I copied a backup over my the code (a backup that I know was working) but I get this same error. I am so frustrated! what does this error mean? Did I move a file by mistake? Now...
    Posted to Forum by Fleanbilly on 09-22-2011
  • AvalonEdit: Line Indentation

    Hi, I've had a problem reported to me about my AvalonEdit-based text editor where the entire paragraph (or single wrapped line, I guess) is being indented when the first line is indented. This seems to have been introduced when I updated my AvalonEdit code back in April. I shall start hunting for...
    Posted to Forum by mwtb on 06-27-2011
  • Using the VisualLineElementGenerator of AvalonEdit

    Hey there I hope somebody can help me with the usage of the VisualLineElementGenerator. What I am trying to to: I want the user to be able to modify some complex code in an UserInterface displayed inside the Texteditor. As the code is not really readable for a beginner, it can choose an option (e.g....
    Posted to Forum by Daniel Bramer on 03-19-2011
  • AvalonEdit Print Engine

    AvalonEdit Printing : This solution comprises of a few classes to extend Avalon functionality without altering the original source code - WPF PrintPreviewDialog class - PrintPreviewDocumentViewer class - DocumentPaginatorWrapper class - static Printing class with extensions for ICSharpCode.AvalonEdit...
    Posted to Forum by Vdue on 10-10-2010
  • printing in AvalonEdit- any way to do that?

    Hi, a newbie question- how do i print the text that an AvalonEdit control hold (including the text that has coloring applied) Thanks in advanced, Din
    Posted to Forum by dinbrca on 10-02-2010
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