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  • Trouble with Embedded SharpDevelop and Assemblies not in GAC

    I'm building a tool that has a place for users to insert custom code. I based that part of my application on the snippet compiler sample. I've run into an issue though. Assemblies that are not in the GAC don't appear to work. I'm adding references to them and I opened the project file...
    Posted to Forum by chriss on 03-11-2013
  • Compiling error with Boo

    Using Sharpdevelop 3.2.1 build 6466, language: Boo. I have a boolean property called DoNotUse in a class and some line in a method in that class sets it to true: DoNotUse = true So far so good. I made changes to some other part of the project, and all of a sudden getting 2 errors for that line: Expression...
    Posted to Forum by MeSoSharp on 09-13-2012
  • Re: I have installed .NET Compact 3.5 Framework, and am using #Develop 3.5 on start up I get error

    I went and looked around the Web, made a couple of calls, and chatted with Microsoft Support, and also Intermec Support. What I seem to have found out is this: 1. Nothing available to compile for a "SmartDevice" target, using .NET Compact Framework 3.5 except Visual Studio 2008 Pro. The "SmartDevice"...
    Posted to Forum by plowguy1 on 05-16-2012
  • when i create a custom pad,how does sharpdevelop insert a custompad menu into main menu

    hi, i try to learn how to create a pad.when a learned a custom pad sample.i am confusing how does a custompad menu insert into main menu.I could't found some code in sharpdevelop source code.Is there anyone can help?thanks i know in the .addin files ,there is a category properite。 I want to know...
    Posted to Forum by blucefang on 02-27-2012
  • Navigation to a class

    Hi all, we are developping an addin in order to allow scripting in our application. Tha pad addin has a treeview that represents our "Object/class view". Among other functionalities, the user can add a class represnting a scriptable application object to the current project and can navigate...
    Posted to Forum by joegalaxy66 on 09-07-2011
  • How to rename all occurences of a variable using NRefactory?

    Hello, I'd like to create an application which can modify C# source files using NRefactory. At the moment I have created a trivial, base version using ConvertVisitorBase and overriding VisitVariableDeclaration method to register every variable of the PrimitiveExpression type. Could you please advice...
    Posted to Forum by Edward on 05-01-2011
  • c# parsers into sharpdevelop ??

    hi, I use sharpdevelop since 2 months now (version 3.2) and lot's of thing are great but somes stuff killing me . by example there are no AutoFormat tools quite enough to pass the stylecop by example. So Im looking to do it my self. I read doc about how to make an addin (and it's not very difficult...
    Posted to Forum by elekis on 06-30-2010
  • Re: How does SharpDevelop "know" that my external AddIn is installed? bad. I just found the hidden directory "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\ICSharpCode\SharpDevelop3.0".... everything I am looking for is there. Sorry to pester you! Thanks for your help!
    Posted to Forum by lroy on 06-28-2010
  • Re: How does SharpDevelop "know" that my external AddIn is installed?

    Daniel, I also made a change to "Options..." entry in the task list (I added a simple string to go along with TODO), and I cannot find where that string appears anywhere either.... Totally confused... Larry
    Posted to Forum by lroy on 06-28-2010
  • Re: How does SharpDevelop "know" that my external AddIn is installed?

    Daniel, I have searched over and over after adding an external AddIn, and I cannot locate any file anywhere that references my addin from an XML configuration file. I am only concerned because I will be running on an embedded system, and I need to know where all files are being created, since some of...
    Posted to Forum by lroy on 06-28-2010
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