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  • Re: 2005 Express

     spgilmore wrote: spinthemoose wrote:SharpDevelop 1.x (Fidlago) supports CLR 1.0, CLR 1.1, Mono (to some degree?), J#, and C++I didn't know it supported J#.  Although you can probably create and edit J# sources in the IDE and compile them, I didn't think the IDE was actually aware of them.  There are no J# project types in ...
    Posted to Using SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 11-09-2005
  • Re: Debugging AddIns

     spinthemoose wrote:Click on the ''Build'' tab and edit the options to make sure you are targeting the appropriate NET framework version and generating debugging info.Was that supposed to read ''Compile'' tab?  maybe.  I'm tired too.  <grin> When i've gotten that ''symbols not loaded'' message in DbgClr it ...
  • Re: 2005 Express

     spgilmore wrote:Right now, SD (SharpDevelop) supports CLR 1.x.  VSX (Visual Studio 2005 Express) supports CLR 2.0  I don't think it supports CLR 1.x.  This is generally considered an advantage on the VSX side, but not always.  Sometimes, you don't have the option to run CLR 2.0. SharpDevelop 1.x (Fidlago) supports ...
    Posted to Using SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 11-09-2005
  • Re: Debugging AddIns

    DbgClr is an executable that lives inside the SDK installation (''C:\Program Files\Microsoft.NET\SDK\v1.1\GuiDebug\DbgCLR.exe'' on my machine).  Open it up, File->Open and browse to your source file to load it up.  Find the line in question and set a breakpoint by clicking in the left-hand gutter.  Then get DbgClr to run ...
  • Re: ToolTip often in the way in text editor.

    While highly useful, i often find the text editor's tooltips distracting when working with code that i know well. I would prefer some keystroke-activation, for example the tooltip only appears when holding down the <ctrl> key and mousing over the text editor; then the feature is there when needed (and as i said it can come in very ...
  • Re: Addin Manager

    My experience in AddIns comes from developing 3 AddIns for Fidalgo (and working on 2 others) and porting InsertAddin to Corsavy.  Outside #develop, I've written several extensions for Dreamweaver and used multiple extensions in Firefox.  Thanks to #develop, i've never set foot inside MS Visual Studio, and i'm happy to keep it ...
    Posted to Feature Discussions (Forum) by spinthemoose on 11-08-2005
  • Re: Open Source replacement for IIS?

    How about Apache?  I have successfully installed it and run it on my Windows XP Pro machine (and of course it works on Linux) I even hear that there's a .NET module kicking around the net, though i havn't had a chance to experiment with it...
    Posted to Using SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 11-03-2005
  • Re: Building release/debug

     wout wrote:Do you have any guess on when it will be solved? I'm looking into it... (for Corsavy) David
    Posted to Using SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 10-31-2005
  • Re: Building release/debug

    Call me a fool, but is the ''Release'' build option available yet in Corsavy (r593)? I've tried the drop-down chooser in the toolbar, but it says ''Default, Debug, Plain, <edit>, ...''. I've also tried opening the project options for the project in question, selecting ''Release'' from the Configuration dropdown at the top of the ...
    Posted to Using SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 10-21-2005
  • Re: Writing a SharpDevelop 2.0 AddIn

    Thanks for the nod, Matt, but to give credit where it's due, the content of the Fidalgo AddIn Building Guide on the Wiki came from the ''AddIn Building Guide documentation in SharpDevelop's doc\technotes folder'' - AFAIK credited to Mike Kruger. Daniel Grunwald then updated the Wiki page to reflect SharpDevelop 2.0 AddIn architecture and i ...
    Posted to Extending SharpDevelop (Forum) by spinthemoose on 10-19-2005
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