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Can SharpDevelop IDE (Instead of Visual Studio) be used to program AutoCAD?

Last post 06-19-2017 8:29 PM by sbridewell. 1 replies.
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  • 06-07-2017 12:21 AM

    Can SharpDevelop IDE (Instead of Visual Studio) be used to program AutoCAD?

    I am would like to use SharpDevelop IDE to program because it is more portable and simpler to install than VS

    I have tryed to use SharpDevelop with some of my previous projects created with Visual Studio but I get some namespace and
    cs0246 errors. I have reduce many of those error by reloading references and setting local copy to False. Now I am confronted with processor
    Architectures errors.

    Has anyone ever tryed to used SharpDevelop IDE to program AutoCAD.

    I have posted a simular post on Autodesk forum and someone responded saying that SharpDevelop IDE has no  x64 debug support which could be a problem. So is there a version of  SharpDevelop IDE  that has x64 debug support.

    In any case has anyone ever made an attemp to program AutoCAD with SharpDevelop IDE with any luck?

    Thank you,


  • 06-19-2017 8:29 PM In reply to

    Re: Can SharpDevelop IDE (Instead of Visual Studio) be used to program AutoCAD?

    I have no experience of AutoCAD I'm afraid. But I have just tried an experiment with SharpDevelop, creating a small console application, putting a breakpoint in the Program.cs and then attempting to step into it with different values selected for the "Target CPU" in the project properties. It does indeed seem that SharpDevelop can't debug a 64 bit assembly :-(

    My SharpDevelop version used for this test:

    SharpDevelop Version :
    .NET Version         : 4.7.02046
    OS Version           : Microsoft Windows NT 6.3.9600.0
    Current culture      : English (United Kingdom) (en-GB)
    Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64
    Working Set Memory   : 144256kb
    GC Heap Memory       : 56913kb

    But just because it can't now doesn't mean it can't ever. Being an open source application, anyone can download the source code and change it to suit their own needs (I've done a bit of this myself and even contributed a bug fix back into the main application as a result). I've never looked at the bits of SharpDevelop's code which deal with debugging, and I wouldn't know where to start. But with a bit of luck, someone else may read this who does know how to do this sort of thing.

    One question I'd ask is for clarification of the phrase "program AutoCAD". Does this mean writing your own class libraries and including implementations of interfaces which are defined within AutoCAD, and which can therefore be called by AudoCAD at runtime without AutoCAD knowing about your libraries beforehand?

    I'm not sure I've helped much, but I hope I've helped a little bit.


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