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vb6leap: A VB6 SharpDevelop add-in

Last post 11-18-2014 5:07 PM by chrish. 2 replies.
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  • 10-17-2014 9:32 PM

    • chrish
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    vb6leap: A VB6 SharpDevelop add-in

    Hey guys,


    Today I want to announce my add-in that I have been working on in my spare-spare time (that is, when I have spare time in my spare time, which unfortunately is hard).

    At work, every now and then I have to deal with legacy code that happens to be written in VB6. I have tested a lot of add-ins, extensions and programs but most do cost money and I think that this is not the right thing. Eventually, since I happen to still have a VB6 Pro CD lying around at home, I tried to give it a shot myself.

    I have looked into VS Add-In creation, but thought it was too complicated and the giant API... you know, I don't want to read books about an API. I figured I'd need more time digging the API than the extension itself ;-)

    Then, I remembered SharpDevelop. I wanted to check it out, and see what has changed in recent years. I was blown away. Really good API and thanks to DanielGrunwald I got the add-in hosted in almost no-time. Thanks again, Daniel!

    After some hours, I got a rough draft together, which I'm very glad to share with you guys and the internet.

    Here is the link to GitHub:

    Before you check the link and the source, please be aware that it is in the roughest, draftiest form. But I will continue working on it as time goes onward and - as stated - I find some time. However, you may all feel free to critize it, give feedback, and of course help me with development. It'd be an honor! I gladly accept pull requests.

    The add-in itself is very basic (ATM). However, it already supports:

    • Loading a VBP (VBG not yet)
    • Editing CLS, BAS and FRM files (no designer yet), although only "the whole thing" (including the noisy header stuff - what were they thinking back then?)
    • Compiling the project (you need to have VB6 installed)

    Note that the VBP-parser is also basic (like everything in there), but from tests with some projects I can tell that it should work fine. Otherwise please let me know and of course feel free to contribute.

    Again, I know that in its current form, it is no diamond or masterpiece. But one day it may become one. And it is free! Yay :-D


    I'm looking forward to hearing your comments :-)


    Best Regards,


  • 11-12-2014 9:58 PM In reply to

    Re: vb6leap: A VB6 SharpDevelop add-in

    Wow !


    Very good job. I also have some legacy VB6 code i should sometimes maintain that would benefits your work.


    Kudos :)

  • 11-18-2014 5:07 PM In reply to

    • chrish
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    Re: vb6leap: A VB6 SharpDevelop add-in

    Hey, thank you, I appreciate it!


    The add-in has matured a lot since that post, so you might want to check it out now :)

    It now also supports (among others) a (mostly - 80%) reliable parsing of modules (recognizing fields, properties, methods etc.). Also there is now an outline view with which you can navigate to fields, properties and procedures in large code files. As far as I can tell, the performance is very good and fluent.

    I plan to submit it to NuGet in the future (alongside providing a download link) so that getting this add-in is easier. Next on the roadmap is writing the VBP properly and also maybe providing a solution explorer view akin to what VB6 provides, although I'm not sure whether I should spend time on that "feature".

    I will also post some screenshots next.


    Again, thank you for your comments and feel free to check it out!

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