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Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

Last post 07-18-2017 7:24 PM by sbridewell. 4 replies.
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  • 08-31-2005 7:50 PM

    • Vanchi
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    Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

    Has anyone succeded in using an Base file (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)?

    Could you help me?


  • 06-25-2017 4:24 AM In reply to

    Re: Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

    After a couple of years, I have the same question. Isn't it possible to connect SharpDevelop with an OpenOffice database? Or it is me that I am "slow"?



  • 06-25-2017 6:51 PM In reply to

    Re: Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

    If you mean the "Database Explorer" tab in SharpDevelop then no, that currently appears to support only MS SQL databases. Or, to be more precise, it supports all database types for which SharpDevelop contains a project called "ICSharpCode.Data.*.dll" containing an implementation of IDatabaseDriver, as defined in the ICSharpCode.Data.Core project, and the only one of those currently in existence is for MS SQL.

    Implementing IDatabaseDriver looks like it involves also implementing some other interfaces (ITable, IProcedure, IView, but that's probably not an exhaustive list), to tell SharpDevelop how to make sense of OpenOffice databases and the objects that they contain.

    I've never used SharpDevelop's Database Explorer tab before today, and after a quick try, I'm not sure it does anything very useful other than telling me what tables, stored procedures and views the database contains (but I could be missing something), and on my machine (I have MS SQL express 2012 installed) I just open the SQL Server Management Studio which comes with SQL express if I ever want to mess with the database directly, and although I've never worked with OpenOffice databases before, you should be able to do the same with OpenOffice.


    If, however, you want to write an application which uses an OpenOffice database, then you'll need .net libraries which know how to talk to such a database, and this will be true regardless of whether you're using SharpDevelop or another IDE. For me, using SQL express, those libraries are already in the .net runtime. For OpenOffice, I'm not sure that such libraries exist yet, or at least a random check of OpenOffice's binaries hasn't yet found one which is a .net assembly. I suspect someone would need to write some kind of interop layer to make the OpenOffice database API accessible to .net consumers before anyone can write .net applications which can use OpenOffice's databases.


    I could, of course, be wrong about any or all of this, and I am willing to be corrected :-)


  • 07-18-2017 5:22 PM In reply to

    Re: Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

    Hello again, Simon, thank you very much for your help.

    After reading your message I am replying to, I downloaded SQL Server and learnt to use it. The thing is that it is the 2017 version. Then I tried to make the connection from SharpDevelop (4.4 and 5.1, I tried with both versions), but then I see this error message:

    "Version '13.0.4202' is not supported!".

    Does this mean that I should try with an older version of SQL Server? What would you suggest me?

    Best regards,



  • 07-18-2017 7:24 PM In reply to

    Re: Open an database (*.odb) with #Develop (VB.Net)

    Yes, try an older version of SQL server. SharpDevelop probably doesn't have the right libraries to connect to the most recent versions. I've proved that it will work with 2012, I haven't tried any newer versions.


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