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Using Vim in SharpDevelop

Last post 06-25-2017 5:16 PM by sbridewell. 3 replies.
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  • 06-22-2017 2:38 AM

    Using Vim in SharpDevelop

    We are using SharpDevelop at work for C#.  I find it to be an excellent IDE.  Like in Visual Studio, I am easily able to incorporate Vim as the editor.  SharpDevelop reloads the edited file when I alt+tab back to it.  The only minor annoyance I find (and this is true for both SharpDevelop and Visual Studio) is that it doesn't automatically load the .vimrc config file. So I have to re-configure the abbreviations I like to use. When I use Vim as a standalone editor, it automatically loads the .vimrc.

    This may be configurable from within the IDE, or in Vim, so I'm cross-posting it to both forums.  Just in case anyone else has encountered a similar issue.

    Any ideas would be welcome.  Thank you.



  • 06-23-2017 8:00 PM In reply to

    Re: Using Vim in SharpDevelop


    Like in Visual Studio, I am easily able to incorporate Vim as the editor.

    How did you do that? Is there some kind of add-in which replaces the normal SharpDevelop code editing tabs with Vim tabs?


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  • 06-24-2017 1:18 AM In reply to

    Re: Using Vim in SharpDevelop

    You add it as an external tool.  And invoke it from the Tools Menu.  There are some arguments you need to provide, and I don't have them handy just now.  I'll try to post a more complete reply this weekend.

    Pros -- All the keybord commands you're used to are readily available.  Searches are much easier and faster.  You can define your abbreviations.  I work in Windows, so I basically copied my _vimrc file to the vim (or gVim) directory, and that seemed to take care of the original question. If I add the abbreviations to the _vimrc in THAT directory, things appear to go well.  If you save the edited source file in gVim, and alt+tab back to SharpDevelop -- it reloads the edited file.  If you edit it with SharpDevelop and alt+tab back to gVim - it will prompt you to reload the file, but that's just a matter of clicking the correct button.  It's pretty simple.  It's not exactly integrated, -- but I can edit with Vim and compile / debug with SharpDevelop.

    Cons -- Editing in Vim -- you don't get the intellisense tips you get with SharpDevelop.You don't get any of the extras you get with SharpDevelop.  So I only use it to edit.  I find SharpDevelop to be an excellent IDE, -- but for editing, I really prefer Vim.

  • 06-25-2017 5:16 PM In reply to

    Re: Using Vim in SharpDevelop

    Ah, using it as an external tool, far simpler than what I thought you meant. Glad you managed to get it sorted :-)

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