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[Solved]Copy a complete Projektmappe

Last post 06-30-2017 5:36 AM by particleinmc. 3 replies.
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  • 11-20-2015 7:19 PM

    [Solved]Copy a complete Projektmappe

    I try to simply copy a project or to create a new peoject by save as....

    But I fail. Sorry, to be so stupid.

    To explain ist, first a short remark. In german version you have a Datei (file?) and a Projekt (project?) and a Projektmappe (solution? or project folder?) 

    I habe opened a Projektmappe (solution) (everything works fine), name "test1"

    To improve it, i wold like to keep the solution, but expand it under name "test2"

    I try to take "save as" - but i get a file stored, not an Projektmappe

    I try to create a new Projektmappe "test2" and to copy my "test1"  into it. its not a success

    I try to copy my folder "test1" in the explorer, rename all files from "test1" to "test2", but i cannot open then "test2" Projektmappe.


    What is the best, easiest, simplest, fastest way to copy a Projektmappe. It should not be so complicated ??



  • 11-21-2015 9:33 PM In reply to

    Re: Copy a complete Projektmappe

    You can rename a project within SharpDevelop. That will just rename the project file and not the directory. You can do that by right clicking the project and selecting Rename.

    Moving a project to another directory using SharpDevelop is not possible. This is also not possible in Visual Studio as far as I am aware. Visual Studio has a Save As for the project but it only allows you to rename the project file not move it to a different directory.

    What I normally do is move the project directory and then just edit the solution file (.sln) in a text editor so the new directory is used.

  • 11-23-2015 4:05 PM In reply to

    Re: Copy a complete Projektmappe

    Thanks for the answer.

    I am not happy with it, because it sounds very  poor (it's not up to vou !) But as you mention, there is nothing else to do.

  • 06-30-2017 5:36 AM In reply to

    Re: [Solved]Copy a complete Projektmappe

    What I have tried, seems okay (but not guarantee, please becareful and test it youself)



    To copy and rename a project, (e.g. from “AAA” to ”BBB”) (assume the original solution name , project name, etc are named “AAA”)

    1. Copy the whole folder to a new one.

    2. Open SharpDevelop, in the “Projects” window, right click to rename the solution and project to rename it to the name (”BBB”).

    3. Select that project (”BBB”) in the project, right click and select “properties”, in the tab “Application”, change the "Assembly name:" and “Root namespace:” to new one (“BBB”)

    4. Save and close SharpDevelop.

    5. Delete the .sln file.

    6. Open SharpDevelop and a new project (“BBB”) and the close it.

    7. Copy the new .sln file and the project folder(“BBB”) to the original solution folder path.

    8. Delete everything in the new folder (“BBB”) and copy everything inside the old folder (“AAA”) to the new one.

    9. Delete the old folder (“AAA”)

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