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Error starting SharpDevelop 3.2.1 HELP!!

Last post 11-12-2015 5:35 PM by Juan Ortiz. 0 replies.
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  • 11-12-2015 5:35 PM

    Error starting SharpDevelop 3.2.1 HELP!!

    First of all sorry because my english is not the best.

    Yesterday I bought a new laptop with Windows 10. I installed sharpdevelop 3.2.1 because is the one we use at the school, but an error apears every time I try to open it. I have istalled it 100 times but nothing works. I've also tried to install new versions like 5.0 but the error also happens. I had SharpDevelop 3.2.1 installed and running perfectly in another laptop with windows 10.

    This is my error message in all versions:

    SharpDevelop Version :

    .NET Version         : 2.0.50727.8669

    OS Version           : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0

    Current culture      : Spanish (Spain) (es-ES)

    Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: AMD64

    Working Set Memory   : 20728kb

    GC Heap Memory       : 443kb


    Unhandled exception terminated SharpDevelop

    Exception thrown:

    System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Error en la inicialización del sistema de configuración ---> System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: Sección de configuración no reconocida runtime. (C:\Program Files (x86)\SharpDevelop\3.0\bin\SharpDevelop.exe.Config line 6)

       en System.Configuration.ConfigurationSchemaErrors.ThrowIfErrors(Boolean ignoreLocal)

       en System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.ThrowIfParseErrors(ConfigurationSchemaErrors schemaErrors)

       en System.Configuration.BaseConfigurationRecord.ThrowIfInitErrors()

       en System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.EnsureInit(String configKey)

       --- Fin del seguimiento de la pila de la excepción interna ---

       en System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.EnsureInit(String configKey)

       en System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.PrepareClientConfigSystem(String sectionName)

       en System.Configuration.ClientConfigurationSystem.System.Configuration.Internal.IInternalConfigSystem.GetSection(String sectionName)

       en System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetSection(String sectionName)

       en System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.get_AppSettings()

       en ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.SharpDevelopMain.RunApplication()

       en ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.SharpDevelopMain.Run(String[ args)

       en ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.SharpDevelopMain.Main(String[ args)


    ---- Recent log messages:

    Failed to append recent log messages.

    System.InvalidOperationException: La secuencia no contiene elementos

       en System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source)

       en ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Sda.LogMessageRecorder.AppendRecentLogMessages(StringBuilder sb, ILog log)

       en ICSharpCode.SharpDevelop.Sda.ExceptionBox.getClipboardString()


    ---- Post-error application state information:

    Filed under:
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