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Options to disable autocomplete on space and semi-colon

Last post 02-23-2014 2:54 AM by deformedthought. 2 replies.
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  • 02-22-2014 8:07 PM

    Options to disable autocomplete on space and semi-colon

    Autocomplete not working

    Too often, I type something valid and autocomplete doesn't have it listed.  The image on the right is an example, but is not the only case where this happens. One example is when I try to create an anonymous instance or method using the new keyword and the autocompletion tool doesn't have it listed.

    It's unlikely that autocompletion will become 100% flawless and absolutely never fail, especially at its current stage. Thus, it would be nice to see options to disable autocompletion on space and on semi-colon. Completion on spacebar or semi-colon are hardly necessary with autocompletion on hitting enter. As the autocompletion box appears very often in most code typing and I do not want to nitpick when it appears, it should be relatively simple to not autocomplete on spacebar and semi-colon.

    I choose these options to disable because it is often the spacebar which affects me in certain scenarios (such as typing new only to have it be replaced on a spacebar click to NewsStyleUriParser). The semi-colon is said to affect others.  If you go here, you'll find the same issue (in Eclipse) shared by many professional and regular Java users. This is an IDE issue, not a language issue. That means that if it's an issue in Eclipse, then it's certainly an issue in other languages.

    Please consider adding these very simple features, and thanks for your consideration.

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  • 02-22-2014 11:28 PM In reply to

    Re: Options to disable autocomplete on space and semi-colon

    In the picture you're showing, you're in a class body, not a method body. At that point, a reference to 'index' is not possible -- the C# syntax only allows member declarations there, and those must start with a modifier keyword or a type name.

    In general, we try to always have all possible items present in the completion list. In the cases where this is not possible (for C#, that's only lambda parameter names), SharpDevelop should automatically switch to the mode where only pressing Tab inserts the selected item (this part is not implemented yet, but will be for the 5.0 release).

    If autocomplete isn't behaving as expected, you can always press Escape to close the window and prevent it from completing.

    That said, this feature has been requested in the past (it's issue #151), it just never was a priority for us. Pull requests are welcome :)

  • 02-23-2014 2:54 AM In reply to

    Re: Options to disable autocomplete on space and semi-colon

    Sorry, that was a mindless blunder. But the point also stands that if you have flaws in your code (or, much more reasonably, TODO parts that you haven't yet completed) then you might have to deal with autocomplete being strange (and if you don't want to completely turn it off, then this would be useful).

    I didn't see the "feature requests" tab when I posted this here as I am new to the forum; sorry about that. I also didn't expect this to be a duplicate question! Thanks for reading all the way through.

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