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Siegfried Pammer

ILSpy/Debugger Integration in SharpDevelop 5

In one of the previous posts, Andreas introduced the new features of the class browser. In addition to browsing any .NET assembly inside of SharpDevelop and combining the power of ILSpy with SharpDevelop, we added special debugging support as well! This is the good news after we removed the debugging support from ILSpy some time ago.

Similar to the Solution node in the class browser, we added a node that represents the process currently being debugged. You can browse a loaded module and open/decompile a method, just like you would do in ILSpy.

When stepping through your code, you can step into methods without source (for example the .NET framework, Nuget packages, and so on). You can add a breakpoint at the lines that you are interested in.

 Once execution arrives at that point, you can step through it, evaluate expressions, set additional breakpoints and so on.

Another feature we are currently working on is to debug executables (ie you don't even have source code for the .exe):

You can select any .NET exe and it will be started by SharpDevelop with the debugger attached. You then can examine it in full depth.

Hope you like these new features, if you have any questions or find any bugs, please use the forums.



Frank Neumann said:

Thank you for your great work and the update on the functionality. When I tried to use the debugger in SharpDevelop 4, it was limited to 32-bit processes. Is that still the case with #Develop 5 - or did you manage to extend the debugger funtionality to 64bit processes?

Best regards,


January 26, 2014 11:24 AM
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