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New debugging feature - debug 3rd party code

One of the greatest features in ILSpy is the ability to debug third party code (like .NET framework code) without the need of debug symbols. Last week, I was working on making this possible in SharpDevelop IDE also. For this, a great deal of help comes...
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ILSpy 2.0 debugger plug-in

Hey, Starting from ILSpy 2.0, the debugger will be a plug-in. This makes easier for the people that doesn't use this feature. When the plug-in is not present, ILSpy will still work. Have fun!
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ILSpy debugger preview - 2

As promised, debugging single members is now possible. Basically, you select a member or a type, set breakpoints and start debugging. When stepping in, you will obtain this: There are some changes from the previous preview. no more static code mappings...
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ILSpy Debugger Preview

In this blog post I'd like to present a new feature of ILSpy decompiler: the integrated debugger. You can download it from Please note that the ILSpy...
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Memory pad

Now, the latest build of SharpDevelop v4.1 (starting from build 7383) has a new pad under View->Debug menu: Memory pad. As the name suggests, you can see the memory associated with the process under debug. You can: navigate through memory search a...
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Full web server (IIS 5.1, 7 & IIS Express) support in SharpDevelop

Hey, Some time ago, I've started working on supporting IIS (all versions - but tested only on IIS 5.1 in Windows XP and IIS 7.5 in Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit) in SharpDevelop. Now, basically you can do the classic steps: create a ASP.NET WebForms application...
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Break at first line of execution

Hey, We had a request to support breaking at first line of execution when "step over/into" - F10/F11. See demo here . Of course, this works only if the app specifies the Main method. You can see it working in SD 4.1 pre-alpha. Happy Holidays...
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