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WCF REST project and file template

Last month I've created the templates for a WCF service project and now I've created the template for a WCF REST service (please keep in mind that the WCF REST implementation is in .NET 3.5).

When you want to create a WCF project, you will notice a subcategory under C# named WCF that contains two templates: WCF Service and WCF REST Service - this is available in SharpDevelop 4.2 (the master branch).

Once you hit create, some files are generated with some basic code (you will have to create the virtual directory for the service and set the security permissions on the service's folder).

Once you build your solution, you can try consuming the WCF REST service using the browser:

That's it!

For more information on WCF REST Services, see this link.

Happy coding WCF REST services!

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