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ILSpy debugger preview - 2

As promised, debugging single members is now possible. 

Basically, you select a member or a type, set breakpoints and start debugging.

When stepping in, you will obtain this:


There are some changes from the previous preview.

  • no more static code mappings. The code mappings are now properties in AstBuilder or ReflectionDisassembler (basically, there's an abstract class "BaseCodeMappings" that both AstBuilder and ReflectionDisassembler derive from);
  • the structure of the code mappings is more general in order to hold more than on type or member. The CodeMappings property holds the metadata token of the methods (normal methods, getters/setters of properties, add/remove methods of events) that are mapped and DecompiledMemberReference property holds the metadata token and the member reference (methods, properties, events and fields).
You can now test this (install ILSpy with the integratede debugger from the build server) and tell us what you think! 
Happy debugging the decompiled code!
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