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Presenting metadata (CTRL+Enter) and Expand references


Today I am going to present to you the lastest features: presenting metadata and expand references - see demo here.

Presenting metadata works when you press "CTRL+Enter" on a type/type member and you don't have the sources opened in SD. What is does is generates a temporary file having the type metadata - like F12 in Visual Studio.

Expand references works only when you activate it from Tools->Options->SharpDevelop UI -> Expand references. This will allow you to view the internals of every assembly you have referred in you project but you don't have the sources opened in SD.


So, what do you think? Do you find these features usefull?

Happy coding!


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Full web server (IIS 5.1, 7 & IIS Express) support in SharpDevelop


Some time ago, I've started working on supporting IIS (all versions - but tested only on IIS 5.1 in Windows XP and IIS 7.5 in Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit) in SharpDevelop. Now, basically you can do the classic steps: 

  • create a ASP.NET WebForms application, 
  • go to Debug tab inside Project Properties & set the web server you have installed (IIS full or IIS express) ,
  • create a virtual directory or application,
  • hit F5 & start debugging.
Normally (I know it is not perfect - (yet :)), your default browser should open the default page(default.aspx) or a specific page and the debugger should be attached to the worker process.
Of course, you should grant the access for IIS account on the folder where the ASP.NET app is, register ASP.NET, set the security for the application in IIS and set the ASP.NET version in IIS (for 5.1).
Prerequisites for IIS Express:
  • after installing IIS Express, you have to run it first time manually - it creates some config files necesary for running the apps
  • csproj file must be in the same location as virtual directory path.
DON'T use IIS Express side by side with IIS 7. If so, IIS Express might became the default web server and I don't think you want that (this does not happen if IIS Express is side-by-side with IIS 5.1).
Below, you have some screenshots for IIS Express and IIS 5.1:
IIS Express

IIS 5.1

Web server options

If you encounter any issues with this new feature, I'd like you to post them on the Bug reporting forum in order to fix them as soon as possible! :)

Happy coding!

P.S.: this is available in SD 4.1.

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