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Daniel Grunwald

September 2010 - Posts

  • Translations of SharpDevelop

    Unlike SharpDevelop 3.2, which was available in 18 languages, SharpDevelop 4.0 (in its default configuration) will only support 13 languages:

    We had to drop the following languages because they were unmaintained and were lacking translations for too many strings:

    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Hungarian
    • Italian
    • Romanian
    • Swedish

    For this purpose, we defined the cut-off to be 25% of the total amount of string resources for SharpDevelop (currently about 2600): the above languages were excluded because they have more than 650 missing strings.

    However, we decided to include some of the incomplete translations with SharpDevelop, they are just disabled by default. Qualified for this inclusion are languages with less than 50% of translations missing: the five languages mentioned above, and Russian.

    By editing C:\Program Files(x86)\SharpDevelop\4.0\data\Resources\Languages\LanguageDefinition.xml (assuming the default installation location), you can enable these partial translations. The file also contains out-commented entries for other languages that were dropped long ago - enabling those won't have any effect as these languages do not ship with SharpDevelop.

    If you want to revive one of these old translations, start a new translation, or simply join one of the existing translation teams, please contact Christoph Wille (christophw <at> You will get access to a Web application that can be used to enter translations online. The database behind this web application is then used to generate the resource files for SharpDevelop (please do NOT translate the .resx file!).

    Looking at the currently shipping translations, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish (both versions) are doing fine [thanks to the respective translators!], but it seems that Czech, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish could use some help.

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